Article: Top 10 Korean Movies And Series With Cool Negative Characters

Gone are those days when fans and audiences would fall in love with just the protagonist of a film or series. These days even the characters with grey shades are well appreciated by audiences. Though to like a negative character of a film or series, the characters must be well written by the writers. There is a recent surge of liking towards negative characters with grey shades of South Korean films and series because of the well-written characters, of course, the credit goes completely to the writer and actors. These are ten such cool negative characters of South Korean films and television series who received immense love from the audience.

1. Veteran

Veteran is a South Korean comedy and action film that got released in 2015. This film stars Hwang Jung-min, Yoo Ah-in in the lead roles. The character played by Yoo Ah-in is of negative traits. Yoo Ah-in brilliantly showed his acting skills while playing the cool negative character which made the audience love his character.


2. New World

New World is a South Korean film of a thriller and crime genre. This movie has one of the coolest negative characters, Lee Joong-Gu who is a charismatic gangster played by the veteran South Korean actor Park Sung-Woong.


3. My Love From The Star

This is one of the most popular Korean dramas in overseas countries and South Korea. This cult Korean drama has one of the coolest negative characters, Lee Jae-Kyung (Shin Sung Rok) who is also the main antagonist of this Korean drama. His brilliant acting was well appreciated by the audience, and his portrayal of a negative character surely made people fall in love with his acting skills.


4. Public Enemy

Public Enemy is an action film that became one of the most-watched films of South Korea. This film was seen by approximately 3 million people, making it a huge success. One of the factors for the huge success of this film is the portrayal of the cool negative character who is a killer and psychopath, Cho Kyu-Hwan played by the actor Lee Sung-Jae.


5. The Penthouse

The Penthouse is a South Korean television series that managed to garner very high ratings while it aired. This Korean drama has not one but some of the many cool negative characters portrayed brilliantly by the actors. For now, we are just mentioning one of the main characters, Joo Dan Tae played by Uhm Ki Joon. Joo Dan Tae is one of the negative characters who garnered both hate and love from the audience. This cool negative character was hated because of the cruelty the character showed and loved because of the undeniable charisma the character had and of course because of the actor's convincing performance.


6. Vincenzo

When talking about cool negative characters we can surely not leave behind one of the most loved negative characters, Jang Joon Woo played by Taecyeon in the hit Korean drama, Vincenzo. Many won't believe that this is the first negative character played by Taecyeon and yet he nailed his role perfectly. In this drama, Jang Joon-Woo is also the main antagonist who is very powerful and is a sociopath.


7. Flower Of Evil

Flower of Evil is one of the best thriller Korean dramas of recent times. The negative character Baek Hee-Sung played by Kim Ji-Hoon is so bone-chilling that you will feel the chills from the screen. This character was so well portrayed that it became one of the iconic villains of Korean dramas. Though fans hated the villain they wanted to see more of his evil sociopathic activities.


8. Voice

One of the most hated yet loved cool negative characters and antagonists is a serial killer and a psychopath, Mo Tae-Gu played by Kim Jae-Wook in the first season of the series. This character was pure evil yet it was charismatic as Kim Jae-Wook did a brilliant job portraying the role. The audience surely loved to hate this negative character.


9. The K2

The K2 is an action and political South Korean drama. This drama stars Song Yoon-ah in a negative role. However, as the series progresses, viewers get to see the cool and charismatic negative traits of the character Choi Yoo-jin played by Song Yoon-ah.


10. Remember You

Remember You is a South Korean drama that got released in 2015. One of the cruel negative characters in this drama, Lee Joon-young played by D.O. Time and again D.O's acting skills have been proved, and in this drama too he brilliantly portrayed the negative character who exuded coolness in every shot he was in.