Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas That Will Alter Your Brain’s Chemistry

Korean dramas are very famous for their sweet love stories. The great chemistry between the main leads attracts a lot of viewers. But sometimes, many people think Korean dramas are all about romantic stories. Korean Dramas are not at all limited to romance and fantasy genres.  Many thriller Korean Dramas are very exciting and thrilling to watch. These Korean Dramas that might leave your adrenaline pumping.  These are some Dramas in which you start questioning your own choice.

Here are the Top 10 Korean Dramas that Will Alter Your Brain’s Chemistry.

1. Squid Game

Squid Game is a Korean Drama that gained massive popularity worldwide. It is one the most successful and exciting thriller Korean Dramas ever. In this Drama, 365 people who are suffering financially are invited to play a Squid Game. It is a survival contest where the winner will get 45.6 billion won. They have to play a children’s game, but there is a twist if they lose the game, they will be dead. Seung Gi Hoon is a gambler deep in debt. He initially thinks that game will solve all his problems but soon realizes it is a game to kill or get killed.

2. 365: Repeat The Year

365: Repeat the Year is a time-travel drama. In this Drama, ten people who have gone through hell get a golden chance to go back in time and turn their lives. They end up in a tragedy, and they start dying one by one. Detective Ji Hyung Ji uses his skills to solve the case and save the lives of the people.

3. Strangers From Hell

Strangers From Hell is the story of Yoon Jong Woo. He is a country boy who moves to Seoul for a company internship. He was a poor man and decides to live at a cheap dorm called Eden Studio. One day strange things start happening at the dorm, and Yoon Jong Woo decided to investigate them. Strangers From Hell is a thriller drama that made its viewers very restless.

4. Trap

Trap is the story of an Anchorman, Kang Woo Hyun. He goes on a vacation to the mountains with his wife and son. Their leisurely vacation turns into a great tragedy. They became a crazy huntsman’s prey.  A detective and a profiler are assigned to investigate this case, but things become more unclear as they explore.The Trap is a thriller drama that will keep you confused until the very last episode.

5. Children Of Nobody

Children of Nobody tell the story of a children psychologist with a mysterious past. She gets tangled in a case involving homicides. The case is connected to child abuse, and the clues keep leading back to her. Woo Kyung helps Detective Kang Ji Hyun and his partner in the case while dealing with her trauma also. Children of Nobody is a drama that will blow the mind of its viewers. If you are looking for a thriller mystery, then this drama is a perfect choice.

6. Save Me

Save Me is another Korean thriller Drama that will alter your Brain’s chemistry. It is the story of a girl Im Sang Mi. After her brother’s death, her family gets brainwashed by a charismatic leader Baek Jung Ki. Her family joins his cult Goseonwon. Three years later, she meets Han Sang Hwan, the son of a politician and her former classmate. She takes her friend’s help to infiltrate the cult. Han Sang Hwan and Im Sang Mi make it their mission to save Im Sang Mi from the cult. The drama has various plot twists that blow the mind of its viewers.

7. Liar Game

Liar’s Game is also a thriller drama that revolves around the life of a pure-hearted woman Nam Da Jung. She is in a deep debt and decides to participate in a survival reality show Liar’s Game. Liar’s Game is a game in which the contestants must use their smart brain con the other contestants. The winner will get the reward of 10 million won. She is too pure hearted to win the show, so she seeks help from an ex-convict who was once a psychology professor. This drama gives an inside look at the human psyche.

8. God’s Gift: 14 Days

God’s Gift: 14 Days is the story of woman Kim Soo Hyun. She is a TV writer. One day she finds herself in a tragedy where her daughter Saet Byul gets kidnapped and killed. But an unexpected miracle happens she finds herself going back in time 14 days before her daughter’s kidnapping. She does everything under her control to find the culprit and to prevent the tragedy from happenning once again. She gets help from Ki Dong Chan, a private investigator.

9. Mouse

Mouse is the story of a rookie police officer Jung Ba Reum. He is an honest police officer and tries to attain justice. Jung Ba Reum and his partner Goo Moo Chi are on a trail to capture a serial killer responsible for brutal killings. They come across a scientist who is an expert on analyzing psychopaths through a DNA test of a fetus in a mother’s womb.

10. Less Than Evil

Less Than Evil is the story of a lonely detective Woo Tae Seok. He focuses solely on solving cases. He crosses paths with a female psychopath.  He knows about her evil deeds but can’t arrest her due to lack of evidence. Later Woo Tae Seok realizes it was his misunderstanding, and Eun Sun Jae helps her in solve cases.