Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Love Indian Food

Undoubtedly, Indian food is quite popular in Korea. There are many restaurants in Korea serving Indian food. They all have Indian delicacies like mutton, chicken curries, samosas, pakoras, and many more. Chicken Tandoori, Paneer Tikka Masala, Mutton Biryani, and Jeera rice are the most famous. Many Mukbang videos are evidence of the craze of Indian cuisine in Korea. Many K-pop singers have been seen relishing Indian food. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 Korean celebrities who love Indian food.

1. Ateez

In an interview with rolling stone India, Ateez K-pop superstars tried Indian snacks like moong daal, little hearts biscuits, aam papad, chakli, til Laddu, and many more. They loved little hearts biscuits the most. Kang Yeosang liked chakli the most.

2. Kim Sa-Hee

Korean TV drama and movie actress Kim Sahee loves Indian food. She has even claimed that she is crazy about it. On her YouTube channel, she is making and eating Indian Laddu. She says it tastes like sweet Korean rice cake. She loves Chai (tea) as well.

3. Choi Min-Ho

Famous Korean boy band SHINee Minho when visited India. He was highly appreciative of Indian food and fell in love with Indian food. Minho couldn’t get enough of the tandoori chicken and refused to leave even after the others had finished eating. He compared the chicken to the type they had get in South Korea and exclaimed that Indian chicken curry was way better.

4. Taeyong

Nct Taeyong K-pop boy band tried some Indian snacks in one of their shows. When someone asked Taeyong about his favorite dessert, then, he said it's kind of an Indian snack, and it is made of milk, and the name of the dessert is Rasgulla. He likes Rasgulla and even wishes to learn the recipe.

5. BTS

The record-breaking boy band BTS is the most famous boy k-pop boy band not only in South Korea but in the whole world. They tried South Asian dishes during the fourth season of Bon Voyage. While J-hope ate naan and curry with his hands, he put his fork aside. It seemed like he loved the food. Jung Kook liked paneer. Jimin and Jung Kook seemed to be discussing paneer. Jimin has communicated with his fans on Weverse. He asked his army for food advice to try. His army gave food suggestions from all over the world. And an Indian fan proposal for trying Biryani grabbed his attention. He instantly replied that it was Indian food. It seems like he is pretty interested in Indian cuisine.

6. Seventeen

K-pop stars SEVENTEEN are highly fond of Indian cuisine. In an interview, the South Korean group, K-Pop stars SEVENTEEN opens up about their desire to tour again their love for India, and Indian food. During their North American tour, they visited an Indian restaurant in San Jose. They loved Naan, Curry, and Samosa.

7. M.O.N.T

The famous boy band MONT said in one of their interviews that after performing in India last time when we returned to Korea, what we missed about India the most was the food. MONT members said Indian food was so delicious that we gained weight. They also said they wanted to try all kinds of Indian food.

8. Felix

K-pop boy group stray kids were recently featured in an Indian video. They greeted their Indian fans with NAMASTE. But Felix even shared his thoughts on his favorite Indian food. Felix said he tried a lot of Indian spices and curries. Other members of the band have not tried it yet. They said we would love to try some Indian food.

9. Ahn Jae-Hyun

Ahn Jaehyeon is a South Korean model and actor. In one of the videos, he makes the Indian dessert Rasgulla. It is one of their favorite desserts, so he learned the recipe for making Rasgulla. He invited his friends to try this Indian dessert, and they said it looked like dumplings. Everyone liked it and said it was unique in taste and perfect for heavy meals.

10. Oh Se-Hun

Exo is one of the most successful K-pop acts on the World Album Chart of Billboard with four no.1s, and all 13 of their albums went in the top 10. Exo member Sehun favorite Indian dishes are garlic naan and jeera rice. He visited India for the show named EXCITING INDIA. Sehun ate palak paneer, butter chicken and garlic naan in a restaurant in Chennai with his team members.