Article: Top 10 Idols Who Used To Be Cheerleaders

Modern cheerleading is primarily associated with American culture. It is a team activity that includes elements of dance and acrobatics, usually with the accompaniment of slogans. The performances are geared toward motivating teams during games and entertaining spectators. It is common for schools and colleges to have cheerleading squads. While predominantly American, many countries like Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, New Zealand, and Japan have adopted cheerleading. For the most part, girls take up cheerleading. But since it emerged as a competitive sport in the late 90s, men have taken it up as well. It is one of the riskiest sports and requires a lot of skills and stamina. You may not be aware that many idols were cheerleaders before they started training as idols. We list them below.

10. Sowon, GFriend

Sowon was the leader of the now disbanded group GFriend. The talented singer and actress used to be a cheerleader during her school days. She went through five years of training before debuting. In a recent interview, she confessed that it’s been very difficult for her to come to terms with her group’s disbandment.

9. Hyejeong, AOA

Shin Hye Jeong, mononymously known as Hyejeong, is a member of the girl group AOA. While guesting on SBS' “Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time,” the members revealed that their CEO couldn’t remember their individual names and called them by his first impression of them. Because Hyejeong had once been a cheerleader, he took to calling her “cheerleader.” She used to be shy, but cheerleading had helped her gain confidence.

8. Tiffany, Girls’ Generation

Girl’s Generation’s Tiffany was born in San Francisco, USA. At the age of 15, she moved to South Korea and enrolled at Korea Kent Foreign School. It was there that she joined her school’s cheer squad. Her cheerleading background paid off when Girl’s Generation made their 2010 comeback with the cheerleader concept.

7. Chanyoung, 100%

Cheerleading is not restricted to women alone. 100%’s Chanyoung is one of the few male idols we know who has taken part in the high-risk sport. In fact, Chanyoung may never have become an idol if he hadn’t become a cheerleader. The idol was scouted during a middle school cheerleading performance and debuted as a member of the boy group 100% in 2012.

6. Bomi, Apink

Before being an idol, Apink’s Bomi was the captain of her high school’s cheerleading team. The main dancer incorporated her cheerleading skills and discipline into her choreographies. Besides being the main dancer, she is also the group’s lead vocalist.

5. Doyeon, Weki Meki

Weki Meki’s Doyeon was another idol who was a cheerleader during her student life. She was enrolled at Guri Girl's High School, where she served as the captain of the cheerleading team. However, she moved to the Seoul School of Performing Arts and gave up cheerleading.

4. Yeosang, Ateez

Yeosang is the other male idol who has a cheerleading background. Before his debut, Yeosang was a cheerleader in high school. In a video, the vocalist and dancer confessed that he was a part of a cheerleading team and showcased his moves.

3. Honda Hitomi, ex IZ*ONE

Japanese-born Honda Hitomi was a member of the disbanded group IZ*ONE and a current member of AKB48’s Team 8. The talented singer learnt cheerleading for six long years and showed off her skills at JTBC’s variety show “Ask Us Anything,” as her group members cheered her on.

2. Yiren, E:U, Everglow

There are two former cheerleaders in the fourth-generation girl group EVERGLOW. The Chinese member, Yerin was a part of a cheerleading squad at an art academy in Zhejiang, China. The other cheerleader in the group is EVERGLOW’s leader, E:U. In her youth, E:U was a part of a cheerleading squad and participated in several championships across South Korea.

1. Rosé, Blackpink

BLACKPINK’s member Rosé used to be a cheerleader in school and sang in the church choir. The multitalented artist was born in New Zealand and moved to Melbourne, Australia, at the age of seven. It was there that she received her schooling and participated in cheerleading. Netizens have discovered adorable pictures of pre-debut Rosé with her cheerleading costume and white pom-poms.