Article: Top 10 CEO Of K-Drama That Swayed Away Your Hearts

CEOs are so alluring that nothing can withstand them. Wealthy, gorgeous, sizzling, and captivating CEOs who consistently soften our hearts with their brains and assertiveness are a common sight in the drama industry. When you observe someone in a position of authority managing their workforce and guiding their business to victory, there is always that irresistible allure that draws you. It is challenging to capture the right feelings, facial expressions, and chemistry in every scene while also capturing the worldly-wise charisma of a young CEO in a position of authority. Here are the top 10 CEOs of K-Dramas that swayed away your hearts.

1. Lee Young Joon (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?)

As Lee Young Joon, Park Seo Joon is your typical CEO with a good appearance, a vast array of skills, and an endless supply of cash. He inherited the family firm and rose to the position of CEO from an affluent family. Everyone will fall head over heels in love with Lee Young Joon's grace and charisma with just one look and one step. As we learn more about his personality, we get to witness sweet, adorable sides that only serve to deepen our affection. Young Joon exudes charisma and confidence and looks sharp in a suit.

2. Kang Tae Moo (Business Proposal)

Ahn Hyo Seop's portrayal of Kang Tae Moo, a CEO figure, is calmer and more profound. His strict standards for adequate time surveillance reflect his excessive workaholism. He is cold and discomfiting on the outside because he only oversees things that are good for his business. And Ahn Hyo Seop did a fantastic job at completing this task! In addition, he has an adorable, defenseless, and devoted boyfriend. We were totally on board when the man offered us a price range.

3. Han Ji Pyeong (Start-Up)

Kim Seon Ho's charismatic performance as Han Ji Pyeong in Start-Up is unbeatable when discussing the finest male actors that portray the most romantic CEO in Korean romance dramas. Kim Seon Ho's exceptional acting abilities allowed him to strike the ideal balance between Han Ji Pyeong's funny side and the thriving young director with all his magnetic qualities. The portrayal of Han Ji Pyeong by Kim Seon Ho also reveals all sides of the man faultlessly. In addition, Kim Seon Ho effortlessly portrayed Han Ji Pyeong's multiple sides.

4. Yoon Se-Ri (Crash Landing On You)

Son Ye-jin performed admirably in her lead female part in this drama. Yoon Se-ri is a self-made fashion and beauty tycoon who will, much to the dismay of her brothers, inherit her father's business. She is a powerful, gorgeous lady who knows what she wants and pursues it without hesitation; her business savvy and sense of style are other factors that contribute to her allure. She is a role model.

5. Ahn Min-hyuk (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)

Park Hyung Sik was able to seamlessly transition between the roles of the CEO of South Korea's largest gaming business and a man who was utterly enamored with his life's love with the use of the appropriate timings and facial expressions. It is no secret that Ahn Min-hyuk is one of the most endearing and easy-going CEOs we have ever seen on television. Humor is one of his strongest suits, and he doesn't take himself too seriously. He made us laugh with his adorable tricks and kind gestures while giving us boyfriend feelings in every outfit.

6. Jang Man Wol (Hotel Del Luna)

In this fictional Korean drama, Jang Man-wol oversaw a hotel for ghosts. She was a combative but good-hearted hotelier. When we consider Hotel Del Luna, fashion comes to mind immediately. Jang Man-wol was a style icon who slayed like the diva she was. Most women dream of being robust ladies who can kick butts and still appear effortlessly beautiful. It is safe to say that she is so recognizable and a queen for a reason.

7. Jang Han-Seok (Vincenzo)

His sexiness created a moral dilemma in our minds for a few seconds, although we knew he was a villain. We wished he was a better person since he was a murderous and dishonest CEO. His sculpted muscles and nasty sneer, though, must still be acknowledged as attractive. Behind the mask, he is the actual CEO of Babel Group and only considers matters that will be advantageous to the business. And willing to do whatever it takes to get it, even if it means killing someone.

8. Joo Jоong Won (The Master’s Sun)

Joong Won is a stony CEO and a successful businessman that owns numerous hotels and workplaces. The dreamiest CEO Joo Joong Won, played by Seo Ji Sub, appears in the best fantasy romance film, Master's Sun. Being a seasoned actor himself, So Ji Sub was able to depict Joo Joong Won's character with the ideal balance of vanity, annoyance, and warmth.

9. Kang Chul (W: Two Worlds)

Kang Chul's singular flaw—that he doesn't exist—is the source of all his admirable characteristics and faultless features. His intelligence, charisma, and good looks are all over the place. The female lead's father created the character of Kang Chul for a webcomic. Furthermore, Kang Chul is so flawless and strong that he can alter the course of his narrative. Herein lie Lee Jong Suk's capabilities and most splendid difficulty. Lee Jong Suk has exceptionally delivered a fabulous performance. All the standards for what the ideal male webtoon character ought to look like were met by him as he perfectly captured the persona of Kang Chul.

10. CEO Nam Shin And Android CEO Nam Shin III (Are You Human Too?)

 When discussing the top wistful CEO actors in Korean romantic dramas, Seo Kang Joon's double version as human CEO Nam Shin and Android CEO Nam Shin III in Are You Human Too? is unmatched. Seo Kang Joon depicts the cruel, heartless CEO Nam Shin, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Nam Shin III, meanwhile, is the complete contrary. He is loving, innocent, tender-hearted, and compassionate.