Article: Ten Korean Actors Who Got Popular In Their Thirties

The entertainment industry is a hard place to find success. From extras to supporting characters to main leads it’s a long way to make a name for themselves. Many start their careers very early but it takes time for their dramas to become a big hit. Here are few actors whose popularity rose in their thirties.

1. Hwang In Youp

Hwang in Yeop started his career quite late when compared to other actors of his age. He played a minor role in 'Tale of Nokdu,' but rose to popularity with 'True Beauty'. Seeing him play student roles people thought he was young but we're shocked to know his real age.


2. Seo Ji Hye

'Crash Landing on You' gave Seo Ji Hye the big break she needed. She has starred in lead roles and even in popular dramas but somehow her performance was not noticed. But she has bounced back now and she is getting the roles she deserves.


3. Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun too started his career late and many didn't know he played one of the soldiers in 'Descendants of the Sun.' He played supporting roles but his portrayal of the antagonist in 'Itaewon Class' changed his career. Now we have a talented male lead in the industry.


4. Jeon Yeo Been

Jeon Yeo Been had once mentioned that she planned to change her career if she didn't get a hit drama next. And she starred in 'Vincenzo' and got international popularity. Her other dramas too were appreciated by many fans. Viewers are excited for her next project.


5. Kim Seon Ho

Start-up's 'Good Boy' played the minor role of an office worker in 'Good Manager.' He played many second lead roles but his role in 'Start Up' got him very popular. He then went on to star in ' Hometown Cha Cha Cha,' another hit among international fans.


6. Im Se Mi

Im Se Mi played the female lead's 'perfect' sister in 'True Beauty,' and became very popular for her comic yet strong role. Having played supporting roles, she is set to play the lead opposite Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Joon in her next drama.


7. Park Hae Soo

Almost everyone knows Park Hae Soo after 'Squid Game,' but only few know him for playing a police officer in 'Legend of the Blue Sea.' 'Prison Playbook' was a blockbuster and his versatility was recognised, and now he is one of the popular actors in Korea.


8. Lee Da Hee

Lee Da Hee has been part of the supporting cast in many dramas like 'I Can Hear Your Voice,' ' Beauty Inside,' 'Secret Love,' and 'Search WWW.' Though she has a good fan base she didn't play a lead until recently. Her new show ‘Love is for Suckers,’ had her play a role different from previous ones.


9. Oh Jung Se

Oh Jung Se got notable roles in 'Hot Stove League' and 'When the Camellia Blooms,' but his performance as a person with autism in 'Its Okay to Not Be Okay' showed people how good his acting skills are. He even got a lead role in 'Uncle' and fans are looking forward to his versatile acting.


10. Kwak Sun Young

In 'Encounter,' Kwak Sun Young played the role of the female lead's only friend and had little screen space. But she got very popular with her role as a soldier in 'Hospital Playlist.' She has now played the lead in the series, 'Behind Every Star' and is also the lead in 'Brain Cooperation.’