Article: Ten K-Dramas That Have Addressed Health Issues

Health problems are commonly shown in K-dramas and amnesia can said to be the most used trope. But what makes the dramas good is the fact that they focus on the coping mechanisms taken by people having different kinds of health issues. Here are some shows that focus on health problems.

1. Our Blues

One story in this drama is about a mother who is about to lose her son in a legal battle due to her being diagnosed with depression. Another story is about a young woman with Down syndrome and her relationship with her sister.

2. Doctor Prisoner

The antagonist in 'Doctor Prisoner' has Huntington's disease. This causes emotional imbalance and other problems with coordination. The male lead uses this later to mislead him.

3. Uncontrollably Fond

In this heart-wrenching love story, the male lead is an actor having brain tumor. Just when he meets his first love and is happy that he got a second chance, he realises that he doesn't have many days.

4. Doctor John

Though this is revealed a bit later, the protagonist in this drama suffers from CIPA. He cannot feel pain because of this. He knows the risk of losing his life because of this, as no health problem can be detected until it shows symptoms other than pain.

5. Good Doctor

The male lead is a medical genius in this drama and he has autism. Having to deal with patients socially is a difficult task, but he slowly starts learning it. The drama focuses on the discrimination he faces in the process.

6. If You Wish Upon Me

The drama is about people working at a hospice and how they develop an emotional bond among themselves. The primary setting being a hospice, there are many terminally ill patients staying there. The employees try to fulfill their final wishes.

7. Find Me In Your Memory

The drama speaks about two important parts of a healthy life, remembering and forgetting. The male lead remembers every second of his life due to hyperthymesia, whereas the female lead has forgotten many things from her past.

8. Fantastic

The female lead of this drama is a writer who has planned a show that revolves around cancer. Everything is going on well until she is diagnosed with breast cancer and this makes her feel that her story should be made more meaningful. The rest of the story is about how she works on her ‘last’ project.

9. Oh My Venus

Hypothyroidism has become more common in the last few years. ‘Oh My Venus’ focuses on this and the female lead has hyperthyroidism. Weight gain, one of the symptoms of this condition is largely focused on in this drama. The drama also focuses on the social issues surrounding the condition.

10. Memory

The show is about a lawyer who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. By the time his memory deteriorates, he wants to protect all the memories he has with people around him. The drama not just depicts the condition of a person who has Alzheimer’s but also how this affects those around them.