Article: 10 K-Pop Idols Who Have Been In More Than One Group

All Kpop idols are not satisfied with their debut groups. They evolve, and their ideas also change. Some don’t like the concepts and have creative differences with the agencies and leave the group. The others have no other option because the groups get disbanded. But these idols were in more than one or two groups before they found their place in the industry.

1. Eunbi

Eunbi debuted as Kazoo in the girl band Ye-A, but the group announced its disbandment only after releasing a single. She joined IZ*ONE after the dissolution of the previous group.

2. Mino

Mino debuted in B.O.M as a rapper, but the group disbanded. Mino got introduced by YG Entertainment in the boy and WINNER.

3. Somin

Somin debuted in Puretty, but they announced their immediate disbandment after releasing a single track. She joined APRIL but announced her departure due to creative problems. She joined KARD after she left her previous group.

4. Solji

Solji debuted in 2NB, but the group dissolved in 2012. She joined EXID only as a vocal coach, but she became a member after all its members left the group.

5. Chaekyung

Chaekyung was a member of the girl group Puretty but the group dissolved. She joined I.B.I, a group for finalists of the trainee show Produce 101. She is currently a member of APRIL.

6. HyunA

HyunA debuted as a member of the group WONDER GIRLS, but she announced her departure due to health issues. She was a member of 4Minute but had to leave the group due to her scandal. She signed with PSY as a soloist but announced her departure recently.

7. Jayoung

Jayoung debuted with M.O.A, but she announced her departure after the first single got released. She joined 4L got disbanded in 2015. She debuted with J-Na, a band member from 4L, but the group disbanded.

8. Lee Hae Na

Haena debuted in Kiss&Cry, but the group dissolved due to internal conflicts. She joined the girl group MATILDA, but the group announced its disbandment after the expiration of the contracts. She began her solo career after 2020.

9. Kim Daewoon

Kim Daewoon was a member of BTL till 2015. He joined Road Boyz, but the group announced its disbandment in 2016. He debuted in the boy band B.HEART in 2017.

10. Eunsom

Eunsom debuted in the girl's band BADKIZ and announced her departure from the group after the release of the first track. She debuted in Luluz, and the group announced its disbandment after the first track got released. She joined WANNA.B, but the group dissolved in 2019.