Article: 10 K-pop Idols Who Are Friends With Idols From Other Groups

The audiences love to stan multiple Kpop idols. These idols are friends with idols who are members of other groups. They set an example of friendship for their fans. Fans love to see their rare interactions. People think that idols are rivals because of the competition between their groups. But these idols are proof that two idols can be friends.

1. Suga And Kihyun

The idols were born in the same year. They knew each other before they debuted. Fans love to see their interactions in award shows.

2. Hyeri And Rosé

The duo shares an adorable friendship. Rosé visited Hyeri on the sets on Hyeri’s birthday. She took to her social media to lose this cute moment.

3. Jimin, Taemin, And Kai

They are popularly known as Padding Friends. Taemin got identical coats as a symbol of their friendship. They share a strong bond and have known each other for a long time.

4. Nayeon And Yeri

Nayeon and Yeri share a beautiful friendship. They wear matching rings as a symbol of their companionship. They appeared in a cooking show together.

5. Joohoney And Jackson Wang

The duo was born in the same year and had a love for rapping. They appeared in a reality show together. Joohoney is calm, and Jackson is quirky, and makes them the perfect friends.

6. Lisa And BamBam

Bam Lisa and Bam Bam were friends even before they debuted. They are both from Thailand and attended the same dance workshop. They have known each other since their childhood.

7. Yeonjun, Wooyoung, And Changbin

Yeonjun and Wooyoung trained together but ended up in different groups. Changbin from Stray Kids has also joined this duo.

8. Mingyu And Cha Eun Woo

Cha Eun Woo was posing with a food truck sent by his friend Mingyu from the boy band SEVENTEEN on his set. Mingyu also attended Cha Eun Woo’s concert.

9. Jennie And Irene

Jennie is a member of BLACKPINK and Irene is a member of Red Velvet. Fans were surprised to see their adorable interaction. They maintain a strong friendship.

10. Woozi And Kang Daniel

Woozi and Kang Daniel come from Busan and are of the same age. They were exchanging words at a music award. Woozi congratulated Daniel for his win in an award show.