Article: Top 10 Japanese Relationships That Did Not End On A Good Note

We become invested in the lives of famous couples not only because we like a particular actor or admire a model's talent, but also because the celebrity lifestyle, including their love lives, is aspirational. Celebrity admiration is all about attempting to imitate them. Celebrities, unlike many suffering marriages among the couples' fanbases, can pursue divorce more frequently due to their financial situation or other reasons. Here are some examples of Japanese celebrities whose relationships did not end well.

1. Ryoko Shinohara And Masaki Ichimura

Ryoko Shinohara and Masaki Ichimura, a Japanese celebrity couple, have called it quits on their marriage. According to Epoch Times, the pair startled many when they announced their divorce on July 24, with their management agency stating that they had filed for divorce at a Tokyo district office.


2. Miyazaki Aoi & Takaoka Sosuke

Actress Aoi Miyazaki and her husband, actor Sosuke Takaoka, who are now living apart, revealed this week that they will finalise their divorce before the end of the year. They've been married for four and a half years. A source close to the couple told tabloid media that divorce papers had been signed.


3. Kitano Takeshi & Kitano Mikko

Kitano Takeshi is a masterwork artist who works in the same style as Shimura Ken and the Akashi family saury. His life is legendary, and he and his wife have been involved for more than 30 years, from contemplating divorce to the actual split. During this time, Kitano continued to derail, and the two became estranged. In 2019, she finally filed for divorce. He handed much of his enormous riches to his wife, essentially the same as abandoning the house. Kitano afterwards wedded a previous female assistant who was 18 years his junior.


4. Akashi Saury & Otake Shinobu

In 1988, Akashi married Otake Shinobu. At the time, Otake Shinobu's ex-husband died, leaving behind a kid. The couple later had a daughter. In 1992, the couple divorced. The divorce is claimed to be the result of a conflict between the two of them about employment. Following their divorce, the two occasionally appeared on TV shows together, and there is no hint of confrontations between angry and battling spouses.


5. Masaki Kanda & Seiko Matsuda

Seiko fell in love with Xiang Hiromi two years after his debut and stated during the breakup meeting that they would be together forever in the next life. He announced his engagement to Kanda Masaki three months later, and the pair married in a century wedding in June of that year. Shaya Kanda, the couple's daughter, was born after their marriage. Later, Seiko Matsuda went off the rails in the United States, resulting in their divorce in 1997. Seiko Matsuda married a dentist a year later, but the marriage lasted only two years before it terminated.


6. Anne Watanabe & Masahiro Higashide

Anne Watanabe, the daughter of Hollywood legend Ken Watanabe, has divorced her actor husband Masahiro Higashide after he was discovered to be having an affair. Watanabe and Higashide, one of Japan's most recognised celebrity couples, had been married for five years and had three children. They announced their separation and agreed to collaborate to care for the children.


7. Reina Kobayashi & Takiune Shinichiro

Reina Kobayashi, a Japanese celebrity, said that she divorced her spouse after four years of marriage owing to Covid-19. On the 20th week of her divorce from her ex-husband, comedian Takiune Shinichiro.


8. Honami Suzuki & Takaaki Ishibashi

Honami Suzuki, best known for her part in the classic television series Tokyo Love Story (1991), has divorced comedian Takaaki Ishibashi. Ishibashi, 59, dropped the bombshell in a 50-second video posted on his YouTube site. In a joint statement, he and Suzuki announced the breakup of their 23-year marriage. They also stated that they have completed their parenting period of life and that their new relationship in the future would be that of an agency's president and an actor.


9. Michiko Yoshise & Her Husband

According to Japanese media sources, well-known actress Michiko Yoshise has formally declared her divorce, bringing her 10-year marriage to an end outside the circle. Michiko Yoshise's outside husband is said to be ten years her senior. They have two daughters from their marriage in 2010. This year marks the seventh birthday of the elder daughter, who is six years old, and the fourth birthday of the younger daughter, who is just three years old. Michiko Yoshise did not elaborate on the grounds for the divorce, just saying that she will work harder as an actor and as a mother in the future.


10. Kumagai Makoto & Nozomi Nakazawa 

Kumagai Makoto, 61, and his 18-year-old husband Nozomi Nakazawa announced their "voluntary divorce," ending their 9-year marriage. Not long later, the media reported that the so-called "voluntary divorce" was Kumagai "deceiving himself."