Article: Top Ten Japanese Link Ups Never Accepted By The Couples

Celebrity link-ups are always the talk of the town. People are always curious to know what's going on in their favorite celebrity's dating life. But, it makes their personal life more difficult and suffocating. They can not date like an ordinary couple. They have to keep things secretive for a certain amount of time. Let  see some couples, who were in a relationship but never admitted it on media until they were married.

1. Emi and Takahiro

Emi and Takahiro are successful individuals. They secretly started dating back in

2014 when they starred together in the series, Detective Designated For

Assignment. They never admitted their relationship publically, but in 2017 they

announced their pregnancy. And it also said that they had married secretly before.

2. Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao

Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao are very famous actors. They starred together in the drama Hana Yori Dango as a lead couple. The rumors are that they started dating during that time, but no one admitted to the news. But the recent buzz says that they are getting married soon.

3. Koyuki and Kenichi

Koyuki and Kenichi starred together in the drama Kamui Garden in 2009. Kenichi is eight years younger than Koyuki, so she doesn’t take him seriously during the initial time. But soon after, they started dating. And now they are happily married.

4. Oguri and Yamada

Oguri and Yamada came across each other on the sets of Binbo Danshi. They

started dating during that time but never confirmed the relationship. Four years after the release of the drama, they tied the knot.

5. Kashii and Odagiri

Kashii and Odagiri starred together in the film The Pavillion Salamandre in 2006.

They started dating each other during that time. But, they never spoke much about their personal life. Later, In 2008, they happily got married.

6. Riisa and Akiyoshi

Riisa and Akiyoshi starred together on the sets of The Girl Who Leapt Through  2010. They secretly started dating each other during that time and announced their marriage in 2013, which was a complete shock for the nation.

7. Alan Shirahama and Minami Minegishi

Minami Minegishi is a member of the girl group AKB48. She was once spotted at the house of the singer Shirahama. The outcome of the situation was not good. And it made headlines around the world.

8. Aoi Miyazaki and Junichi Okada

Aoi Miyazaki and Junichi Okada fell in love while they were shooting for the drama Flowers in the Shadows in 2008. They kept their relationship a secret from the public. Later, In 2017, they happily got married.

9. Tamaki and Kinami

Tamaki and Kinami met each other in 2010 and became close friends. They starred together in the drama Onna no Kunshou in 2017. From here, their romantic relationship started, and soon after, In 2018, they tied the knot.

10. Osamu and Ryoko

Osamu and Ryoko starred together in the 2012 drama Hungry! They secretly started dating during that time and kept denying their relationship on media. Later, In 2014 they happily got married.