Article: Top 10 Japanese Stars Who Deserve More Appreciation

The popularity lists include only a few of the best actors and actresses in the world. Unfortunately, some actors are under-appreciated despite their immense talent. Here we have ten Japanese actors who deserve more recognition:

1. Ikematsu Sosuke

Sosuke Ikematsu, born in 1990, is a Japanese actor. He is known for his role as Higen in the film- The Last Samurai (2003). He starred in movies like Yanagawa (2021), The Asian Angel (2021), A Girl Missing(2019),  Mozu (2015), Our Family (2014), Udon (2006), and The Last Samurai.


2. Ando Sakura

Sakura Ando, born in 1986, is a Japanese actress. In 2010, she won the Best Supporting Role award for The Wonderful World of Captain Kuhio, Love Exposure, and Tsumitoka Batsutoka. She appeared in the television drama Penance (2012) and films like Our Homeland, The Samurai that Night, and Petal Dance.


3. Emoto Tasuku

Tasuku Emoto, born in 1986, is a Japanese actor. His parents, Akira Emoto and Kazue Tsunogae are actors and married the actress Sakura Ando.

He won the Best Newcomer Award at 77th Kinema Junpo and the Rookie Award at 13th Japanese Movie Critics. He starred in Anime Supremacy! (2022), Inu-Oh (2021), I Never Shot Anyone (2020), It Feels so Good (2019), and Reminiscence (2017).


4. Ryo Kase

Ryo Kase, born in 1974, is a Japanese actor who appeared in Letters from Iwo Jima as Shimizu. His international film credits include Restless, Like Someone in Love (2012), Silence, Outrage (2010), Hill of Freedom (2014), and others. He debuted in 2000 in Sogo Ishii's Gojoe: Spirit War Chronicle.


5. Tanimura Mitsuki

Mitsuki Tanimura, born in 1990, is a Japanese actress. She starred in Norio Tsuruta's Orochi and Akihiko Shiota's Canary. She Starred in films like Nobutora (2021), Recall (2018), The Liar and His Lover (2013), Wolf Children Ame and Yuki (2012), and The Girl Who Lept Through Time (2006), and many more.


6. Issei Takahashi

Issei Takahashi, born in 1980, is a Japanese actor, singer, and voice actor. He is well-known for appearing in Kill Bill Volume, Wife of a Spy, Whisper of the Heart, Romance Doll, Samurai Shifters, Path of the Dragons, Heaven and Hell: Soul Exchange, The Great Horror Family, Princess Maison, and others.


7. Kaho

Kaho Indo, born in 1991, is a Japanese actress and fashion model. Kaho has won many awards, including a Nikkan Sports Film Award, a Hochi Film Award, and a Japan Academy Prize. She starred in many films like Gamera the Brave (2006), Kinako (2010), Blindly in Love (2013), Puzzle (2014), The Kodai Family (2016), and The Antique (2018), The Fish Tale (2022), and others.


8. Ishibashi Shizuka

Shizuka Ishibashi, born in 1994, is a Japanese actress represented by the talent agency Plage. Before starting acting in 2015, she was an active contemporary dancer. Shizuka is the daughter of actors Mieko Harada and Ryo Ishibashi. She starred in Tokyo Love Story (2020), Zenkamono (2021), Suits (2018), Aristocrats (2021), 37 seconds (2019), and others.


9. Nakano Taiga

Taiga Nakano, born in 1993, is a Japanese actor. He is the son of Hideo Nakano. He is known for his performance in Monsterz, Hotori no Sakuko, Daily Lives of High School Boys, Jinro Game, Sweet Poolside, My Man, and Yutori Desu ga Nanika.


10. Hayashi Kento

Hayashi Kento, born in 1990, is a Japanese actor. Since 2007, Hayashi has appeared in more than 30 films. He won the best Newcomer Award in 2008 for his role in Battery and The Best Supporting Actor in 2019 for Ossan's Love. He appeared in the movies like Dive !! (2008), Lesson of the Evil (2012), Miracles of the Namiya General Store (2016), Cafe Funiculi Funicula (2018), Hold Me Back (2020), Love with a Case (2022), and others.