Article: Top 10 Japanese On-Screen Couples And Their Age Gaps

We all have at least one favorite couple who we love to see together on screen. The chemistry between the two actors sometimes is so natural and electrifying that we want to see them together every time in every series and film. Many actors and actresses have the bond and comfort that complements their presence on screen. They make the storyline seems more engaging. Those kinds of actors and actresses do justice to the imagination of the writer and director. But it's not necessary to be of the same age to build good chemistry. Many actors and actresses have a vast age gap between them, but still, they look perfect together on screen. And are also one of the favorite on-screen couples of the audience. Many directors want to cast them together because of their chemistry and the demand of their fans.

1. Miho Kanno And Masato Sakai

Miho Kanno And Masato Sakai are the on-screen pairs whom we love seeing together. In 2010, they appeared in the movie 'The Lady Shogun and Her Men.' Miho played the character of Tsunayoshi Tokugawa, and Masata played the character of Emonnosuke. Then, In 2012, they again appeared together in the movie 'The Castle of Crossed Destinies.' In the film, they look perfect together, and their chemistry is on point. But in real life, they are not the same age. Masato is 48-years-old whereas Miho is 44-years-old. Despite having an age difference, they look very compatible and comfortable on screen.


2. Riisa Naka And Akiyoshi Nakao

Riisa Naka And Akiyoshi Nakao are again one of the most talked-about pairs. They first appeared together in the movie- 'The Girl Who Leapt Through Time,' Riisa played the role of Makoto Konno, whereas Akiyoshi played the character of Ryota. In 2010, they again featured in the film 'Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.' Despite coming from different age groups, both looked beautiful together. And did complete justice to their characters. They have a one-year age gap between them. Riisa is 32-years-old, while Akiyoshi is 33-years-old.


3. Atsuko Maeda And Ryo Katsuji

Atsuko Maeda And Ryo Katsuji first appeared together in the film 'Eating Women.' In the movie, Atsuko played the character of Tamiko Shirako, and Ryo played the character of Shiraishi. The movie revolves around the life of eight women coming from different cultures and backgrounds. The film displays their life differences based on what they eat and whom they date. They make a beautiful pair on screen. Their chemistry is enough to make you get addicted to a drama. Despite having an age difference, they look very comfortable together. Atsuko is 30-year-old, and Ryo is 35-years-old.


4. Oguri Shun And Yamada Yu

Oguri Shun and Yu Yamada appeared together in the series Binbo Danshi. The drama got released in 2009, the duo didn't co-star against each other in the film. But they did have some adorable scenes together. Audiences loved their chemistry even if they had less screen time. Despite the age gap, their chemistry looked electrifying on screen. Oguri is 39-years-old, and Yamada is 37-years-old. They didn’t seem to have any difficulty because of their age gap, instead, they gave a memorable performance.


5. Odagiri Joe And Yuu Kashii

Odagiri Joe And Yuu Kashii starred together in the movie ‘The Pavillion Salamandre.' Joe played Hoichi Tobishima, and Kashii played the character of Azuki Ninomiya. They became the most loved couple after the release of the movie. The film got released in the year 2006. Masanori Tominaga wrote and directed the film. They have an age gap of 11 years, yet nobody could tell that seeing their chemistry. The duo looks perfect together on screen. Odagiri is 46-years-old, and Yuu Kashii is 35-years-old.


6. Masataka Kubota And Asami Mizukawa

The duo first appeared together in the drama 'Fugitive Boys' in 2017. They were not the lead pair, yet they outshined the main leads with their performance and smooth chemistry. They are not the same age, but their understanding and compatibility look natural on screen. Asami is 38-years-old whereas Masataka is 33-years-old. He played the character of Tobio, and Asami played the character of Natsumi Tachibana.


7. Aoi Miyazaki And Junichi Okada

The pair was featured for the first time together in the drama Flowers in the Shadows in 2008. The audience loved the duo's chemistry, and they again co-starred together in the historical drama Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer. The drama got released in 2012. Junichi played the character of Maya, and Aoi Miyazaki played the role of Hisako. The duo did a phenomenal job in the drama and gained a lot of appreciation. They have an age gap of 5 years, yet their chemistry looked elegant and mature over the screen. Junichi is 41-years-old, whereas Aoi Miyazaki is 36 years old.


8. Koyuki And Kenichi Matsuyama

Koyuki and Kenichi were featured for the first time together in the drama Kamui Gaiden. Kenichi is eight years younger than Koyuki. She is 45-years-old whereas he is 37-years-old, but their age difference couldn't come in the middle of their talent. They looked flawless together on screen. The comfortability and maturity displayed in their relationship on screen cannot be faked. The audiences adored the duo and hopes to see them together more often in the dramas and web series.


9. Hiroshi Tamaki And Haruka Kinami

Hiroshi Tamaki And Haruka Kinami starred together for the first time in the television drama Onna no Kunshou. Director Masaki Nishiura directed the drama. It got aired in 2017, and the duo's chemistry won over everyone's heart. They completely nailed their characters and became one of the most loved on-screen pairs. Though they also have an age difference, Hiroshi is 42-years-old whereas Haruka Kinami is 36-years-old.


10. Takei Emi And Takahiro

Takei Emi And Takahiro Tasaki were first featured together in the movie Detective Designated for Assignment. The couple did an impressive job on screen. The movie helped them gain lots of recognition. Although they also have an age difference, Takei is 28-years-old whereas Takahiro is 37-years-old. But their chemistry on-screen is super smooth and natural. The comfortability and maturity between them reflect in their bond on-screen.