Article: Japanese Celebrities Having A Fairy Tale Love Story

Celebrities frequently work around the clock on sets for photo shoots and preparing for music show comebacks or movie or show premieres. They, however, have their own lives to live behind these tightly packed schedules. And if they find someone they truly love, their life behind the scenes will become more joyful and memorable. Many celebrities meet and fall in love at work; however, some stars meet through friends or are in love with non-celebrities. Here are ten celebs who have fallen in love and are married; their love stories may sound like fairy tales but don't be jealous.

1. Miho Kanno And Masato Sakai

Miho is an actress and singer, and Masato is an actor; both are well-known figures in the entertainment industry. They met on the set of The Castle of Crossed Destinies in 2012. Fans were elated to know that their on-screen romance crept into their real lives, and they announced their marriage in 2013 after only three months of dating. They both lead a happy and prosperous life with their two children, a son born in 2015 and a daughter born in 2018.

2. Riisa Naka And Akiyoshi Nakao

Because Riisa and Akiyoshi were friends, the marriage announcement of this down-to-earth couple may have surprised the fans of Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. In 2010, the actress and actor met on the set of Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. They later met again in 2012 on the location of the drama Tsurukame Josanin. However, they did not begin dating until late 2012. They later announced their marriage in March 2013. They are currently living happily with their son, born in 2013.

3. Koyuki And Kenichi Matsuyama

Although the model and actress Koyuki is eight years older than her actor husband Kenichi, they live happily with their three children. They first met for the 2009 film Kamui Gaiden. Kenichi is said to have fallen in love with Koyuki, but she turned him down because she was eight years older than him, but Kenichi's persistence and passion for Koyuki made her realize his true feelings for her. They got married in April 2011.

4. Tani Rumiko And Kim Jung-Min

Rumiko Tani, also known as Chinatsu Miyoshi, is a former idol singer and Korean-Japanese television personality. Kim Jung-min, an actor and singer, was introduced to her by singer Park Hye-Kyung, a regular guest on a CBS radio show. Despite the language, cultural, and traditional differences, they have lived happily since marriage in 2006. Tani, along with her husband and children, moved to South Korea.

5. Aoi Miyazaki And Junichi Okada

Aoi Miyazaki is an award-winning Japanese actress, and Junichi Okada is an actor who married in 2017. Their first meeting was in 2008 while filming the drama Flowers in the Shadows. In 2012, they co-starred in Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer. They are now happily married, unlike Aoi's previous marriage, and have a daughter born in 2018.

6. Emi Takei And Takahiro 

Emi Takei, an actress and model, made her acting debut alongside Takahiro, an actor and singer, in the 2014 drama Detective Designated for Assignment; around the same time, their off-screen romance began, and they began dating. When they announced their marriage, Japanese netizens were taken aback and Emi's pregnancy in 2017. Nevertheless, Emi considered this a breach of the contract; however, this did not prevent them from marrying; they are now happily married.

7. Kashii And Odagiri

The celebrity couple Kashii, an actress and model, and Odagiri, an actor and musician, prove that an 11-year age difference is not a barrier to love. They first met in 2006 during the filming of The Pavillion Salamandre. In 2008, they announced their marriage. They live with their two children and have been a success in keeping their private lives hidden from the public eye.

8. Ryōko Kuninaka And Osamu Mukai

Osamu Mukai, an actor, and Ryōko Kuninaka, an actress, and singer, met on the set of the 2012 drama ‘Hungry!’. Ryōko is three years older than Osamu, which didn't affect how they felt about each other. Their love for each other began then, and they began dating. They got married in 2014. They currently live happily with their two children.

9. Mirei Kiritani And Shohei Miura

Mirei is an actress and model who met her future husband Shohei, who is also an actor and model, in 2016 while filming the TV drama A Girl & Three Sweethearts. There were rumors that the two artists were dating. They finally announced that they would marry in 2018. They were sure they would support each other in their future endeavors and work together to overcome obstacles. They happily live their married life with their child.

10. Satomi Ishihara

Satomi Ishihara, also known as Kuniko Ishigami, is a Japanese actress. In October 2020, she announced her engagement to her non-celebrity husband. According to Satomi's agency, the couple met through mutual friends. Satomi stated that their mutual understanding would deepen through experiences, allowing them to overcome any obstacles. Fans and celebrity friends send their best wishes and congratulations to the couple. They are happily living with their newborn baby.