Article: 10 Anime Characters Who Lost Their Memories

The one thing that connects us with our past is memories. Bitter or sweet, we memorize it and keep it as a gift. A gift that some of us want to give away and some treasures. What would one feel if lost every wear and tear one has gone through? Numbness would surround us with a feeling of emptiness from an unknown source. Our anime characters have also been through the same stuff. So, we'll recall some popular anime characters who lost their memories.

1. Goku (Dragon Ball)

Goku's memories were unshakable throughout the series; however, he did lose them right at the start. When he was being carried to the earth via pod, he hit a rock, making his memories fade away. He forgot his core existence, his parents, and the violent nature of Saiyan.

2. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

Kaneki has been through a lot of emotional and physiological pain due to being stuck between two worlds. He was a half-ghoul and thus was hated by both the parties. He did lose his memories as a result of heart-aching torture by CCG. After this traumatic event, he was given a new identity to survive in.

3. Caiman (Dorohedoro)

Caimon got into the scene, remembering the moment when the lizard spell was cast upon him. This wiping away memories was the starting point of his journey to get them back. He did not even remember his appearance or his name, but the sorcerer who tormented him. He did all he could to uncover his dark secrets and eliminate his lizard-like appearance.

4. Adolf K. Weismann (K-Project)

Adolf was originally a silver king who also worked on a project in Germany over the Dresden Slate. After this, he was injected into another body of a Japanese male teacher and has been seen residing in it throughout the series. Due to this injection, he lost his memory of his real life. He is extremely intelligent and can perform multiple tasks at lightning-fast speed.

5. Akira Takizawa (Eden Of The East)

Akira Takizawa is solely responsible for all the solid plans to work. He is a participant in the death match, and thus, his memories were also erased prior to the match.

6. Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

Natsu lost the essence of himself as he passed the ellipse gate along with others to jump into the future. He was a fire wizard who could defeat any enemy within the blink of an eye due to Dragon Slayer magic. All Natsu could recall after his memory loss was the name of his father and the urge to find him.

7. Yuzuru Otonashi (Angel Beats)

Yuzuru lost his memories as soon as he stepped into the Purgatory and went with the flow due to heavy amnesia. The backdrop looks similar to the high school, and there exists a group of SSS who desire to take down a mysterious girl. After a lot of drama and fights, he finally got his memory back through hypnosis.

8. Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light Yagami, who was just a normal college youngster before getting hold of the death note, is undoubtedly a dangerous fellow. He wanted to cleanse society of all the unpure souls who have been tormented and helpless by their actions. He purposely lost his memories of Death Note to escape the challenging situation he got into and cleverly got them back at a very perfect moment.

9. Kazuto Kirigaya (Sword Art Online)

Kirito and Asuna intentionally asked to wipe their memories off during the Alicization arc. The Alicization arc is said to be the peak of the franchise where, after helping Alice escape, both Kirito and Asuna decide to stay. After ruling the land for about 200 years, they wiped their memories off before leaving, clearing every memory of what they did in 200 years there.

10. Yuu Otosaka (Charlotte)

Yuu stole the powers of every person in a mystic world where everyone had unique abilities. This bravery to save the world had a price to pay. Due to acquiring massive abilities, he lost his memory piece by piece with every new ability, resulting in complete memory loss.