Article: Top Ten Chinese Celebrities Who Were Former K-pop Idols

K-pop groups are well known for being multitalented and gorgeous. They include members from different ethnicities including Chinese. Over the years there have been many groups with Chinese members who are famous both in South Korea and China. Some idols have left their groups to pursue their solo career while some groups have disbanded. These members are now pursuing their solo career in China and are well recognised. Below are some Chinese stars who were former K-pop idols:

1. Luhan 

Luhan is a solo singer and actor from China. He is popularly dubbed as the “Justin Bieber” of China. He was a member of the K-pop boy band Exo but left the group due to discrimination faced by the company. They were biased with the Korean members and there was unequal distribution of revenues due to which he had to leave the group.


2. Huang Zi Tao 

Huang Zi Tao is a former member of the boyband Exo. He is currently a solo rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, model, and businessman. He could achieve so much in China because he left his group. During his time with the group, the Chinese members would face discrimination and unequal economic conditions compared to the Korean members.


3. Kris Wu 

Kris Wu is a rapper, singer, actor, and model in China. He was also a member of the K-pop group Exo. He was the first to leave the group in order to pursue his solo career. Later other Chinese members of the group followed his steps and left the group for their own good.


4. Victoria Song 

Victoria Song is a singer, host, actress, model, dancer, and author from China. She gained fame as a member of girl group f(x), which was a well known girl group in South Korea. The group naturally disbanded after their contract with the company ended. Ever since Victoria has nurtured a successful career in China.


5. Zhou Jieqiong

Zhou Jieqiong  or Joo Kyulkyung gained attention as a member of the girl group I.O.I and Pristin. She left the group as she faced problem in the coordination process of the South Korean company Pledis. They filed a lawsuit against the idol claiming she violated their laws. Now after the lawsuit she promised her fans to work harder.


6. Zhou Mi

Zhou Mi was a former member of the K-pop boyband Super Junior M. After his contract terminated he has been pursuing his solo activities in China. He is a multitalented actor, singer, songwriter, MC, presenter, and radio DJ. He is a beloved celebrity in China.


7. Han Geng

Han Geng is a mandopop singer and actor. He was former member of the boy band Super Junior. He also stated that the company put too much restrictions on his activities and unfair distribution of profits was evident. People from his hometown were proud of him as he spread Chinese culture worldwide.


8. Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang is a singer, record producer, music video director, and fashion designer from China. He was a member of the boy band Got7. He proudly spreads his culture worldwide and is currently under 88 rising. People are addicted to his charming and humorous personality.


9. Wang Feifei

Wang Fei is a former member of the girl group MissA. She debuted under JYP Entertainment as a K-pop idol. She is currently a singer and actress in China. She is currently a well loved artist in her hometown.  She released her much awaited album “Fearless” which has three singles. It was released in China and produced by her Wang Feifei Studio.


10. Meng Jia 

Meng Jia was also a former member of the girl group MissA. She was the lead dancer of the group. After their disband she is currently pursuing her solo career in China. She is a singer and actress in her hometown. She also opened her own studio, Meng Jia Studio.