Article: Top Ten Chinese Actors With Great Voice

Singers with reasonable vocal control can sing each note in a melody clearly for the musical effect. They can also handle note leaps with precision, not jumping too far or too little in pitch, whether hitting high or low notes. Improving your control will help you sing better. Take a look at these Chinese singers that have amazing voice chords.

1. Ronghao Li

Li Ronghao is a Chinese singer-songwriter, actor, and producer born on July 11, 1985, in Bengbu, Anhui. He has six studio albums and three EPs to his credit, and in 2013 he won the Golden Melody Award for Best New Singer. He's also appeared in three films most well-known of which is Duckweed. He performed three concert tours and is the first Chinese mainland singer to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum and Taipei Arena. On the Forbes China Celebrity 100 List for 2020.


2. Joker Xue

Joker Xue, a Chinese singer-songwriter and record producer, was born on July 17, 1983. Xue is also known as Jacky. He is recognized for his successful songs and stage presence, as well as his musical style. Since his debut in 2006, Xue has released a succession of hits about the joys and sorrows of love. His sound combines traditional pop elements like piano and strings with folk-tinged acoustic guitar and R&B beats. On Spotify, he is one of the most popular Mandopop artists.


3. Zhang Bichen

Zhang Bichen, also known as Diamond Zhang, is a Chinese singer born on September 10, 1989. She was a member of the Sunny Days girl group from South Korea. She won the Chinese singing competition, The Voice of China in 2014.


4. Yisa Yu

Yu Kewei, sometimes known as Yisa Yu, is a Chinese singer. She began her singing career in bars and competed in various singing competitions. Her career took off after she placed fourth in the national finals of Hunan TV's Super Girl in 2009. Yu jin Xiang, which means "tulip," is the nickname given to her supporters by Yisa.


5. Lay Zhang

Lay Zhang, also known as Lay, is a Chinese rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, director, dancer, actor, and PR ambassador for the Communist Youth League of China.


6. Victoria Song

Victoria Song, known as Song Qian, is a Chinese singer, model, host, dancer, actor, and author, best known as a member of the South Korean girl group F. (x). Song gained fame in 2010 as a cast member of KBS's Invincible Youth and as a cast member of We Got Married Season 2.


7. Tiger Hu

Hu Yanbin is a Chinese singer, songwriter, music director, and record producer. With the release of his 8th studio album, One Size Bigger, in 2012, he changed his Latin-script stage name to Tiger Hu.


8. Lexie Liu

Lexie Liu, also known as Liu Boxin, is a Chinese singer, songwriter, and rapper. She competed in K-pop Star 5, a South Korean reality TV competition series, in 2015, and her group came forth.


9. Eve Ai

Eve Ai Yi-Liang is a singer-songwriter from Taiwan. In 2010, she was the winner of Super Idol 5. At the 28th Golden Melody Awards in 2017, she was named 'Best Mandarin Female Singer'.


10. Vava

Mao Yanqi, better known by her stage name Vava, is a Chinese rapper from Ya'an, Sichuan. Vava is an English stage name that translates to "doll" in Chinese and was chosen because she used to have a "baby face."