Article: Top 10 Heart Throbbing Dialogues Of Chinese Actors

Romance is one genre that everybody loves, whether you accept it or not. Romantic dramas/movies are comforting to watch, and people love the idea of love. Romance gives everybody hopes of finding that one person who is your soulmate, it may sound cheesy, but you can't resist watching them. There are several romantic Chinese dramas/movies out there, and many actors received popularity because of them. Dialogues are the crucial part that makes romance look real in films and dramas. Many well-known actors have romantic dialogues which make your heart throb. Here are the top 10 heart-throbbing dialogues of Chinese actors.

1. Darren Wang

Darren Wang is an actor known for his work in the movie Our Times. Our Times is a coming-of-age movie that came out in 2015. In this film, there is a dialogue “Chain letters can never bring good luck, but on that night I felt that... I found my lucky star.” It’s a heartfelt dialogue.


2. Yang Yang 

Yang Yang is a well-known Chinese actor. He has worked in many dramas and movies, and Love O20 is one of his famous romantic dramas. In this drama, Yang Yang played the role of a charming and lovable guy. The drama follows the story of a gamer girl who meets the school’s most desirable senior online. In one of the scenes, Yang Yang came to pick her up, and everybody started saying that the girl had a very horrible character that he replied, “As long as she is willing to be with me, I don’t care about any of that.”


3. Guo Junchen

Guo Junchen is a Chinese singer and actor. He has worked in many dramas since the first series and became well-known. Accidentally in love is a rom-com that came out in 2018. The drama follows the story of a singer who met a simple girl in school who is hiding her real identity. In this drama, Guo plays the role of a singer. He had this romantic dialogue "you made me believe that nothing exists without love."


4. Jackson Yee

Jackson Yee is a famous Chinese actor, singer, and dancer. Jackson has been working for many years and is known for his work in Better days. Better days is a 2019 drama romance film directed by Derek Tsang. The film is about a girl bullied by her classmates and a boy who is a roadside thug. In the movie, Jackson has this beautiful dialogue " You’ll protect the world, I’ll protect you.”


5. Dylan Wang 

Dylan Wang is an actor and model. Dylan rose to fame after doing Meteor Garden in 2018. The drama follows the story of a poor girl who got admission to an elite school, and immediately after entering the school, she gets involved with f4, the elite group school. Dylan Wang has this romantic dialogue in the drama, “Because you are the only one I'm willing to trade all the meteors in the sky for.”


6. Jing Boran

Jing Boran is a well-known Chinese actor and singer. Jing has done many films and dramas and debuted with the talent show, My Hero. His noticeable work is Monster hunt, US and Them, and Time raiders. Us and them is a story that goes back and forth in the past and present to show the lives of the leading couple as they explore their relationship. In the film, Jing describes love as “picking stars from the sky for you, bringing pearls from the ocean to you.”


7. Kwan-Lin Lai

Lai Kwan-Lin is an actor and a rapper. Lai has been in many dramas and was a part of the Korean boy band- Wanna One. Lai Kwan did a romantic Chinese drama, A Little Thing Called First Love; the drama revolves around a girl who had a crush on the most popular boy in school. In the series, Lai had a very heart throbbing dialogue “it’s 9:30 p.m; I have now confirmed that I like Xia Miaomiao.”


8. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai

Tony Leung is an internationally well-known Chinese actor. He has worked in many international films, and one of his classic romantic films is In the mood for love. In the mood for love is a Chinese romantic film released in 2000. This movie shows the story of a man and a woman whose spouses are cheating on them, and their bond grows over time. In the film, Tony says beautiful dialogue, "I didn’t think I would fall in love with you; I was only curious how it started; now I know feelings can creep up like that.”


9. Ding Yuxi 

Ding Yuxi is a Chinese actor. He is known for his role in Intense love, The Romance of the tiger and rose. The romance and the tiger is a story of a female screenwriter who accidentally fell asleep and woke up in her fiction and fell in love with the main character. In this drama, Ding has a cute dialogue " If you keep crying, I am going to get another heart disease."


10. Wallace Huo

Wallace Huo is a well-known actor who worked in many Chinese dramas. Wallace is known for his work in Swordsman, The journey of the flower, Love me if you dare, and many more. Love Me, If You Dare drama is a crime thriller that revolves around a psychologist who has to catch a serial killer. In this intense drama, Wallace has a romantic dialogue "He thought you were my weakness, but I truth with you by my side,  it makes me stronger more stable.