Article: Top 10 Chinese Stars Who Deserve More Appreciation

Everyone admires Chinese celebrities, but many more rising stars deserve more recognition. Sometimes when they don't make it big, that doesn't mean they are any less talented. Here we have ten Chinese stars who deserve more recognition:

1. Ren Jia Lun

Ren Jialun, or Allen Ren, born in 1989, is a Chinese singer and actor. He is a rising star who rose to popularity at the beginning of 2020 after starring in the historical drama "Under the Power." Ren started as a professional table tennis player. He trained alongside Zhang Jike and Zhou Yu. However, he had to quit due to injuries and came to acting. He is known for his roles in the dramas like The Glory of Tang Dynasty (2017), Forever and Ever, One and Only(2021), and The Blue Whisper (2022).


2. Zhang Xin Chen

Zhang Xincheng, or Steven Zhang, born in 1995, is a rising Chinese actor. He aspired to become a professional dancer and graduated from Beijing Dance Academy and later from the Central Academy of Drama. Xin Chen starred in the drama "My Huckleberry Friends (2017). He is well-known for his roles in dramas like Skate into Love(2020) and Go Ahead (2020). He won the award of Popular Actor of the Year in 2020.


3. Simon Lian

Simon Lian Chen-Hsiang, also known as Simon Lian, was born in 1992 and is a Taiwanese singer and actor. Till 2017 he was a member of the Taiwanese boyband SpeXial. He starred in movies and drama series like Men with Sword (2016), High 5 Basketball (2016, Youth (2018), Somebody Or One Day (2019), Lost Romance (2020), and The Legend of Xiao Chuo(2020).


4. Luo Yun Xi

Luo YunXi, born in 1988, is a Chinese actor, singer, and model. He graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy and was trained professionally for 11 years in ballet by his father. In 2010, Luo debuted as a member of the boyband JBOY3 with his single "Promise of Love." He made his acting debut with the romance film "The Spring of My Life" in 2015. Luo became known for his roles in the romance drama  style="font-weight: 400;">My Sunshine and Ashes of Love.


5. Gong Jun

Gong Jun, or Simon Gong, born in 1992, is a Chinese model and actor. Gong graduated from the Performance department of Donghua University in Shanghai. Gong appeared as a model in many advertisements, earning the nickname "The Little Prince of Advertising." He made his acting debut in the drama Sword Chaos in 2015. Later he gained attention for his performance in Lost Love in Times(2017), Begin Again (2020), and Word of Honor (2021).


6. Patrick Shih

Shih Po-Yu, born in 1996, is a Taiwanese actor and model. He got the name "Nation's Boyfriend" along with Greg Hsu. He rose to fame recently with his role in Someday Or One Day (2019). He debuted as a model before coming to acting. He majored in Chemistry at Fu Jen Catholic University. He gained a fanbase after starring in BL Drama HIStory2: Crossing the Line (2018)


7. Aaron Deng

Aaron Deng, born in 1997, is a Chinese actor and singer. He is also known as Dumpling. He made his debut in 2019 after appearing in the second season of the talent show Idol Producer. He released his first solo in 2019, named "Super Talk." He made his acting debut in the romance drama Love of Summer Night (2020) and Professional Drama (2020).


8. Ding Yu Xi

Ryan Ding Yuxi, born in 1995, is a Chinese actor. Ding Yuxi graduated from the Shanghai Film Art Vocational College's Department of Film and Television Art and later entered the Director Department at Shanghai Theatre Academy. 

He made his debut in 2017 with the movie The Game of Asura. Yuxi starred in films and drama series like Stay With Me(2020), Ten Years of Loving You (2022), Serenade of Peaceful Joy (2020), Moonlight (2021), and so on.


9. Greg Hsu

Hsu Kuang-Han, or Greg Hsu, born in 1990, is a Taiwanese Actor and singer. Greg made his official television debut in the Malaysian drama series Dive Into Love in 2013. 

He studied acting in Q Place in 2015. He got nominated for the roles in the series Have You Ever Fallen in Love, Miss Jiang? (2016), and Someday or One Day(2019), for the Best Supporting Actor award. In 2020, he released his debut album "Yesterday No More." He was appointed the official ambassador of the Italian brand Fendi in 2022.


10. Gordon Liu

Gordon Liu, born in 1951, is a Chinese actor and martial artist. He starred in the films like The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978), Kill Bee Volume 1(2003), Kill Bee Volume 2(2004), Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (2011), and Nightfall (2012), Future Fighters (2014), and many more.