Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas Based On Teen Love

No one understands love (or heartbreak) like the youngsters in teen romance films. Dramas about teen romance frequently have a cozy, nostalgic vibe. It is true that certain classics within the genre may come across as cheesy, cringy, or even absurd, but these qualities are what makes them so endearing to fans. All of us have experienced teen love once in our lifetime whether it’s in the form of an infatuation, crush, or love. Whether it’s Valentine's Week or a random weekend, it’s always a good time to binge-watch love dramas. This genre never gets old because everyone can relate to the tangled feelings of first-time love and heartbreak. So, grab your best friends, stock up on some junk food, grab your blanket to snuggle with, and get ready to binge-watch these teen love dramas.

1. Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden is a top-rated 2018 drama starring Shen Yue, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Caesar Wu, and Connor Leong. Dong Shancai, is a determined girl who got into a prestigious university. At the school, there are four boys who are wealthy and well-known. They are collectively known as F4. They have created a reign of terror among the students. They torture and bully the students but when they notice Dong Shancai, she doesn’t succumb to their bullying. Soon she attracts the boys and they befriend her.

2. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Put Your Head on My Shoulder stars Xing Fei, Lin Yi, and Tang Xiaotian. Si Tu Mo (Xing Fie) is an accounting student. She’s been having trouble with her boyfriend, Fu Pei, who is a fickle-minded person. Although she is graduating in accounting, her interest lies in the advertising field. Her life gets shaken up when he meets Gu Wei Yi, a genius. In a twisted turn of events, the two begin living together, and the drama begins. The story is light-hearted without any melodrama.

3. Accidentally In Love

Accidentally in Love is a 2018 Chinese drama series starring Guo Jun Chen, Sun Yi Ning, Ma Li, and Zhao Yi Qin. Qing Qing ran away from her wealthy family because her grandfather arranged her marriage. She then enrolls as an ordinary student under a false identity. Situ Feng is a cold arrogant pop star. When the two of them meet they instantly hate each other. This drama shows their hate-to-love relationship. The drama is funny, and it keeps you wanting more after every episode.

4. A Love So Beautiful

The series stars Kim Yo-han, So Joo-yeon, Yeo Hoe-hyun, Jo Hye-joo, and Jeong Jin-hwan. Xiao Xi is a quirky, happy kind of girl she is into studying but drawing is her passion. She and Jiang Chen are neighbors and friends. Jiang Chen is a good-looking and popular guy. They have a loving group of friends but as adulthood approaches them. Will their friendship stand the test of time? It is one of the most simple and easy-going drama.

5. Always Have, Always Will

"Always Have, Always Will" is a 2021 romantic drama film directed by Zhang Mo. Yuan Shanshan plays Xiaoyu and Hu Ge plays Mingwei.During the initial year of high school, Fang Li and Luo Yan became classmates. For Fang Li, Luo Yan's existence was a nightmare. They re-meet three years later as college students. Luo Yan has forgotten about Fang Li, but the conflict between the sunny girl and the prideful demon has only just begun. Together, the two "enemies" reclaim the beauty that was once lost and find the way to their respective goals as they relive the greatest moments of youth.

6. Skate Into Love

It is a narrative about two childhood classmates, Li Yu Bing (Steven Zhang) and Tang Xue (Wu Qian), who share a passion for ice skating. From pleasant banter to romantic tension, the drama explores their changing interaction. Their friendship becomes a significant aspect of the plot as they endure personal hardships and work toward their goals.

7. A Little Thing Called First Love

Lai Kuan-lin, Zhao Jinmai, Wang Runze, and Chai Wei feature in the romance drama A Little Thing Called First Love. The central story concentrates on Chen Jingjing, a hardworking and studious girl played by Lai Kuanlin, who has never experienced a relationship with anybody before. She meets and falls in love with Wang Liran, a popular and carefree youngster played by Zhao Jinmai. To ensure notices her, she begins transforming for him, learning about fashion, joining school groups, and working hard to improve her grades.

8. Beautiful Time With You

Beautiful Time With You is a 2020 Chinese drama starring Rain Lu and Sun Le Zuan. It's about a feisty girl who sits next to the class genius. Lin Xing Chen finds Lu Yi Bai's calm demeanor perplexing once they become seatmates. Since then, the outcast Lin Xing Chen and the golden boy Lu Yi Bai grow closer as they endeavor to learn more about one another.

9. Our Secret

The series follows Zhou Siyue (Chen Zheyuan), a superior and rowdy college male deity, and Ding Xian (Xu Mengjie), a headstrong, rebellious, and charming Cinderella girl. In their journey through youth, they went from being mutually incompatible tablemates at school to becoming each other's lifetime companions. This drama demonstrates how opposites attract one another.

10. The Big Boss

Ye Mu Xi (Eleanor Lee) and Liao Dan Yi(Huang Jun Jie), childhood pals, have continually quarreled and argued. So, when Ye Mu Xi is in high school, she is excited to leave behind her bothersome childhood buddy, Liao Dan Yi, but destiny has other ideas. She felt disappointed when they were assigned to the same class. Follow the amusing journey of two friends as they go from being irritating to intimate together!