Article: Best Sci-Fi Thriller Chinese Dramas You Must Watch

Chinese dramas are always a treat to watch. The vast range of dramas produced every year keeps the audience engaged with entertaining dramas. One of the genres that is immensely loved by the viewers is science fiction and thriller dramas. When these two genres are blended, captivating dramas are the products. Chinese dramas have many exciting and watch-worthy dramas from sci-fi thriller genres. From complex scientific concepts to intriguing thriller plots, these dramas have everything to offer. So, if you love watching science fiction or thriller dramas, here is a compilation of the best sci-fi thriller Chinese dramas to binge.

1. Reset

Reset was released in 2022. The drama revolves around a girl named Li Shi Qing. Shi Qing was stuck in a time loop and could not get out of it. She was stuck in the time when she was in a public bus and the bus exploded taking the life of all the passengers on board, including her. After realizing the phenomena, she tried to escape the loop but fails. She also dragged her fellow passenger to the loop. They try and report this to police but they were investigated as the suspect instead of victims. The story progresses as they try to find their way out of the loop. Bai Jing Ting and Zhao Jin Mai play the leading roles in the drama.

2. My Deepest Dream

My Deepest Dream was released in 2022. The drama tells the story of Wu Yu and Tan Jiao. Both met in a cruise ship for the first time, and began to have romantic feelings for each other. Wu Yu was a math genius and Tan Jiao was a mystery novel writer. But after the trip, they suffer from a strange memory loss, where they lose part of their memories. After the journey Wu Yu was hit with a tragedy. His sister was murdered, and his mother died shortly after. He now works as a mechanic. After many months, the two crossed paths again, even though they could not recognize each other but still found a connection with each other. Li Yi Tong and Jin Han play the leading roles in the drama.

3. The Bionic Life

The Bionic Life was released in 2023. The drama is based on the year 2035, in the future. The world has progressed so much so that a significant population of humanoid robots. These robots are difficult to distinguish from real humans, and are reasons of concerns. Soon, a series of these android murders began to happen in the city. So, to investigate these cases, Cheng Nuo and An Qui were assigned. Vicky Chen and Song Wei Long play the leading roles in the drama.

4. Love Of Replica

Love of Replica was released in 2023. The drama tells the story of Xu Xi Xi. Xi Xi woke up from comma and realized that she does not remember anything. She doesn’t know who she is, where, and how she ended up in a comma. Xi Xi was the eldest daughter of a wealthy family. When she was trying to get back her memories, she fell in love with her bodyguard, Lu Jin Yan. Soon, her best friend Ding Bei Fan, that she is not the daughter of the Xu family, and was simply a lookalike. Tsao Yu Ning and Yu Yue play the leading role.

5. Missing Persons

Missing Persons was released in 2020. The drama tells the story of six survivors. Six people were the survivors of a brutal accident. As the rescue team could not save them, they tried to survive and were trapped in a mysterious valley. Strange things kept on happening on the valley as they try to escape and survive. Chen Hao Yu, Lu Yu Lai, Liu Chang, Chen Xiao Yun, Zhao Yang, and Zhang Hi Lu play the leading role.

6. Humans

Humans was released in 2021. The story is based in the year 2035. A man from Shehong City, felt that there are too many house chores and decided to buy a robot named synth 2035. His wife was however not happy with the decision and synth 2035 was a constant reason for their arguments. Meanwhile, a man, Li Yao, was searching for An Yi, the synth. Ma Tian Yu and Qi Wei play the leading roles in the drama.

7. Wisher

Wisher was released in 2021. Wisher is a mobile app and randomly appeared in the phones of a group of college students. The app has instruction that whishes of the users will be fulfilled as long as they complete simple tasks. The young people were unable to control the temptation of their wish getting fulfilled and signed a contract with the devil. A middle-aged reporter, Naduo, and a few youngsters began to find the person behind the app wishers. Feng Shao Feng, Vickey Chen, Fan Cheng Cheng, and Guo Zi Fan play the leading roles.

8. Last One Standing

Last One Standing was released in 2019. The drama revolves around Luo Ran and his strange journey. Luo Ran was investigating the death of his wife with his friend Ning Yu in a train. They were chasing a suspect named Jiang Xue and were heading to C City. The train ended up derailed, and the survivors found themselves in a city with no trace of life and was cut-off from the real world. A brutal game of survival began and the survivors started dying. Du Chun, Dai Xu, Xu Ling Yue, and Liu Yi Jun play the leading roles.

9. Unknown Number

Unknown Number was released in 2019. He Jun is a hard-working detective and Gu Ming Zhe is a passionate criminal profiler. Gu Ming Zhe found an old phone that unexpectedly connected to Cao Zheng. Cao Zheng was a clumsy detective who went missing for 20 years and was calling from 1998. He Jun, Ming Zhe, and Cao Zheng got on a journey to solve a cold-cases. Du Chun, Li Xiao Ran, Wang Tian Chen, and Michael Mao play the leading roles in the drama.

10. Die Now

Die Now was released in 2017. The drama revolves around Xia Chi and his quest of finding his girlfriend. Xia Chi is a university student and a member of school’s intellectual reasoning club. His girlfriend, Qing Zhi, suddenly disappeared. In the quest to find his girlfriend, he took Meng Qin to a dangerous alternate gaming universe, where they have to use their gaming skills to survive. Ryan Zhu, Jiang Yi Yi, Fabien Yang, and Huang Yi Lin play the leading roles.