Article: Best Famous Anime Femboys You Must Know

Femboys are people who exhibit behavior or traits that are traditionally associated with femininity but are assigned as male at birth. They exhibit feminine traits either through attire, mannerisms, or physical attributes. Femboys, the term is often used positively to describe those characters who seem to challenge the traditional gender norms. These characters shatter and sit up the stereotypes relating to these gender norms.

1. Felix Argyle- Re: Zero

Felix Argyle is a courageous knight with a distinctive flair. He seems to fearlessly display his feminine aspects, even though he is a guy and is often seen wearing gorgeous gowns. Oftenly he is seen as a worthy competition to Astolfo’s school girl attire. With his adorable looking expressions along with his cat-like voice, he truly stands out. He might be the most renowned femboys. Regardless of his attire choice, he stays attentive to his true self.

2. Titus Alexius- Magi

Titus Alexius is a very emotional and dynamic character who is seen turning the tables on the second season of the series. Currently he is a student at the mage training academy and seems to be withdrawn and haughty. Everything starts to change when he befriends Aladdin. You will get to witness the unexpected depths of his gentleness and compassion when he encounters a young girl in distress, which reveals a side of him that is both touching and memorable.

3. Kazuki Fuuchouin- GetBackers

Kazuki, known as the Roice of Fury, is the epitome of charisma and elegance. He has feminine attributes and flowing hair, but behind that captivating facade lies an explosive personality. He will never hesitate to reveal his blazing side when agitated. Despite the remarks about his feminine equities, he is confident.

4. Hime Arikawa- Himegoto

The protagonist, Hime Arikawa is a boy who is perpetually clothed in a girl's attire. He seems to face a lot of teasing from his peers. He is in debt that is left behind by his parents. He is not one of those who will silently endure the unfair treatment he receives and is often seen voicing his grievances loudly. The student council intervenes and has to attend the school dressed as an adorable girl.

5. Gasper Vladi- High School DxD

Gasper Vladi is a cross-dressing sensation. He is a formidable character that has a blended lineage of humans and vampires. After a sad event that involves his girlfriend and Issei Hyoudou, he is granted a new lease on life as the Devil. He is armed with the ability to halt time, becomes an indispensable member of Rias’s team, and is rapidly ascending to become her most trusted subordinate.

6. Makoto- Minami-ke

Makoto is the durable and diminutive schoolmate of Chiaki Minami. Chiaki considers him an idiot. He is frequently duped into cross-dressing by his pals, he is seen secretly relishing in it and metamorphoses into an irresistible girl. With this anime get to enjoy the endearing slice-of-life series brimming with humor and camaraderie. He seems to both enjoy and struggle with the cross-dressing that Karan had forced him into.

7. Kuranosuke Koibuchi

A vibrant protagonist, Kuranosuke Koibuchi has unwavering confidence and a flair for fashion. His charm is highlighted by his gyaru-style attire. He is quite a steadfast and courageous companion, beyond his hard and tough demeanor. He is willing to go to the most significant length for those he loves and cherishes. While out in his female persona, he ended up stumbling upon Tsukimi, an introvert. This meeting evolves into a swift camaraderie, and he becomes enchanted by Tsukimi’s exceptional sketches and designs.

8. Ryuji Ayukawa- Blue Period

Ryuji Ayukawa, known as Yuka, is quite an intriguing character. Even though his biological gender in the series remains undisclosed, he is very courageous and audacious with the aspiration of identity as a girl. Through this series watch his journey as he grapples with self-doubts, and also the complexities of ending up accepting their authentic self. Throughout the series, he is seen wearing a mixture of male and female uniforms. This style choice highlights his opposition to conformity.

9. Hideri Kanzaki- Blend-S

Hideri Kanzaki is an endearing and audacious cross dresser. With his mesmerizing teal eyes, slight figure, and length silver-white hair, he may appear as a girl but is a boy that has huge aspirations. A natural-born entertainer, he ends up leaving his family’s farm to chase his dream to become an idol. He however ends up in a maid cafe as a waitress where he brings his distinctive flair. He may stick between his feminine persona and himself, but his headstrong and finicky personality never fails to break through.

10. Rui Ninomiya- Gatchaman Crowds

Rui Ninomiya is a captivating and enigmatic cross dresser. Concealed underneath by his appearance, he harbors a realm of romantic notions tempered by a cynical perspective of society. Through this anime, we get to witness him tapping into his potential that is concealed to rescue the world as he embarks on a pulsating journey.