Article: Top Ten Thai Movies

Thai movies are all packages of laugh, cry, Romance, and thriller. Thai movies are known for their screenplay and the theme of the movies. Here I am going to tell you about the top 10 Thai movies.

1. Tell The World I Love You

The storyline of this movie is about two different people from two different countries and how the fates of both changed and make them be each other forever. Keng is a young boy who left his hometown to study in Bangkok and lives with Tai, his friend who is the same age as him. Keng's dream is to pursue his study in china, so he left his mom and his home, which makes his life start to change unexpectedly. He started to help Boang, a boy who delivers drugs because a group of gangsters threatened him. Hia song and Nick are the members of that group. After some months, the gang started torturing Keng and Boang they suspected that they may store drugs secretly. To escape from them, they left their home and stayed in a remote place. From that day, they start to understand and share a friendship with care and love.

2. Fast And Feel Love

The story of a world champion athlete, who wants to achieve in his career, and also in his love life. But things that happen in his life are not in his favour of him. Eventually, he had a breakup with his girlfriend and he was heartbroken. But because of that incident, he started to behave maturely and make decisions about his life clearly and was able to solve his life problems without anyone's help.

3. AI Love You

The storyline of this movie is a little bit interesting because it tells the story of a DOB, an Artificial intelligence (AI) human DOB who gets into the body of a man named Bobby. Then he expresses his love to Lana. He was previously in love with Lana only, after becoming DOB he changed into a pretty and attitude boyfriend.

4. Cracked

The horror- thriller movie is about strange stories that happen after a famous painter commits suicide. Ruja inherited a collection of his father's paintings. She needed to repair the paintings to sell them. Tim, a young artist, accepted the restoration work and got trapped in a paranormal journey with her.

5. The Cleaner

The storyline is about an ordinary office boy who works secretly as a corpse exterminator called "The cleaner.” After then he became a partner with the guy named "The killer.” But then, some incidents forced him to become a killer.

6. Love Destiny

This movie is the sequel to the drama 2018 Love destiny 1 and 2. It is a historical drama about Thai's ancient kingdom and its emperor. It is set in the Ayutthaya kingdom of the 17th century.

7. Pee Nak 3

The movie "pee Nak Three" is the sequel to "pee Nak one and two.”This story is about a graveyard man who accidentally finds an ancient gold bracelet from a graveyard and decides to keep it. But it turned out to be disastrous to him. Later, he got a curse from the bracelet. Finally, Aod and his friends were looking for the cure to the curse. They searched for the clue and chased it in a given time.

8. My True Friends The Beginning

The story is about the strong bond between true friends. Friends last forever till we exist in the world, this movie gives everyone nostalgia about their friends in school and university.

9. OMG! Oh My Girl

A chaotic boy and a pretty girl, who falls in love with each other but at the wrong time, and how their friends help them is the theme of this drama.

10. In Human Kiss 2

The story is about a romantic horror that centers on a man born with abnormal genes and a half-demon woman who both fall in love with each other for a long time.