Article: Top 10 Thai Dramas For New Viewers

Thai dramas provide viewers with exceptional content. Each of the plots is well-designed. Almost all the dramas have a captivating story. The way of presenting each story is well-defined and detailed. Each series has a unique way of portraying emotions and characters. Thai dramas are well known for their impressive talent for featuring content. Some are original, and some are from other language dramas and books. But the presentation is unique. The top 10 Thai dramas for new viewers to gain interest and become fans of Thai entertainment are below

1. Astrophile

Astrophile is a romantic Thai drama. It has a unique plot with an impressive presentation. The story is about Kim, who met a girl at university and admired and loved her. When she went away, Kim believed that she had a misunderstanding about him due to an unexpected incident. Hence, he felt guilty. After years he met the girl and recognized her right away while the girl did not. They help each other through harsh times and help each other in the ways they could have. Together they find someone to rely on. The series has provided fans with great actors and flawless performances.

2. F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

F4 Thailand is a Thai drama based on the Japanese manga, 'Hana Yori Dango,' by Yoko Kamio. The presentation of this drama is exemplary. All the characters are well portrayed. The series has a great story. It shows that with every small attempt, we can make a difference. The series is about Gorya, who met the F4 and changed them. She helped them become a better person. She faced the problems in her way and became stronger each time. This drama has an exceptional portrayal of characters and stories.

3. Home School

Home School is an ongoing Thai series. It has an intriguing plot. The genre of this series is mystery and suspense. The story is about a mysterious boarding school. The students are selected through an exam that their parents give on their behalf. The actors are showing exceptional performance. The drama is receiving a great response from viewers.

4. Girl From Nowhere

'Girl from Nowhere' is a famous Thai series with two seasons. Both seasons have been a massive success. The story is about Nanno. She is a mysterious girl. She transfers to different schools. Some people want to destroy her, but she is more dangerous than them. The actors in this series have shown exemplary performance. It is a series that makes viewers binge-watch.

5. The Gifted

The Thai series 'The Gifted' is based on the novel of the same name, i.e., 'the gifted,' written by Dhammarong Sermrittirong and the short film of the same name. It is a mystery and science fantasy series. This series includes the concept of superhuman powers. It is a mind-blowing series with exceptional performances from all the actors.

6. 2gether

2gether is a Bl, romantic comedy series. It has a spinoff called Still2gether. The story is about two boys, Sawarat and Tine. The actors have shown exceptional performance. This series received loads of support from viewers. The characters are well portrayed. The story is well-plotted and presented. Viewers highly supported and loved this series.

7. Devil Sister

The Thai show, 'Devil Sister,' is based on the novel, 'Beauty and the Guy.' It is a famous series. It is a romantic comedy. All the characters are well portrayed. The story presentation is in a well-defined and exemplary manner. The actors have shown exceptional performance. Viewers highly appreciated their acting. Viewers highly supported this series.

8. Good Old Days

Good Old Days is a flawless Thai series based on a graphic novel by Tanis Weerasakwong. It consists of six stories. Each story is about an item and the emotional story attached to it. Each item has its own story about being important to someone. There are memories and emotions attached to each of these items. The actors have shown exceptional performance in this series. It is a well-known and appreciated series. This series received support from fans.

9. My Husband in-Law

My Husband in Law is a Thai series based on the novel of the same name. It is a romantic comedy series. It is a flawless series with flawless acting from the actors. It received a great response from viewers. Viewers showed high support for this series.

10. Turn Left Turn Right

Turn Left Turn Right is a Thai series adapted from the novel Turn Left, Turn Right written by Jimmy Liao. It is a romantic-fantasy drama. The presentation of the plot is exceptional. The actors have shown good performance. The series received appreciation from viewers.