Article: Top 10 Thai Comedy Movies

Thai movies are on a level of their own for elements and details like the actors and their dedication towards their roles, not to mention the clever and engaging quips that are incorporated in scenes. Their comedy films are some of the best Asian films in that genre and they manage to make unconventional plots like those of action, horror and laughter fest that you can watch with your families at home. These movies are heartfelt and genuinely funny with actors that have stolen our hearts with the ingenuity in their performances. With a plethora of such humorous movies, compiling a list is equally as tough, but here are the Top 10 Thai Comedy Movies for you to make note of.

1. ATM: Er Rak Error

ATM: Er Rak Error is a hilarious rendition of the workplace fraternization ban in some jobs and a couple's attempt to work past it. When they decide that the winner of a bet placed would get to keep their job after marriage, what follows is a series of fun and reckless endeavors that are sure to keep you entertained.


2. May Who?

May Who? is the age-old tale of a high schooler with a crush on her classmate- but with one unexpected twist, this high schooler can electrocute you if she gets a little too excited. May Who? has a unique plot and relatable characters who get into trouble more often than they like.


3. Brother Of The Year

Brother Of The Year is a hilarious and heartfelt Thai film about a brother and sister who live together. All this comes to a standstill when the sister decides to marry. The brother comes up with several plans to sabotage her relationships so that she is stuck taking care of him forever.


4. Tootsies And the Fake

Tootsies And The Fake is an LGBTQ comedy about 4 queer friends that have just concussed a famous actress right before a big performance. They decide to hold an audition to find a replacement find a doppelganger and decide to train her in the ways of an actress, with disastrous results.


5. Mr. Hurt

Mr. Hurt is a popular film about a world champion tennis player who was just rejected by his girlfriend when he proposed to her. He is now heartbroken and lonely when out of nowhere, he meets his childhood friend who advises him on how to get over a breakup, with disastrous results to follow.


6. Oversize Cops

Oversize Cops is a comedy film that tackles weight loss. The story follows 4 police officers that recently failed to capture and apprehend a thief.  Hence, they are given an ultimatum- lose weight in 2 months or get fired. What follows is a series of techniques they try to adapt to do the same.


7. Bike Man

Bike Man follows a man who has been fooling everybody in his family by making them believe that he is a bank employee at a high-end job when he is nothing but a motorbike taxi driver. All his convoluted lies slowly unravel when he is hired by his childhood crush to give her a lift someplace.


8. My Boss Is A Serial Killer

My Boss is a Serial Killer is set in a quaint little office. The employees suddenly make up a theory that their boss might have worked as an unhinged serial killer in the past, and decide to collect proof on the same so that they do not become his next target in the future.


9. I Fine... Thank You, Love You

I Fine. . . Thank you, Love you is a lovely heartfelt story about a man who enrolls in English classes to win back his American ex-fling, but instead finds himself falling in love with his tutor, who is also his ex's close friend. This film has hilarious dialogues and is a must-watch.


10. Pee Mak

Pee Mak is a twist on the original Thai folktale of Mae Nak Phra Khanong and follows 4 friends that decide to accompany their friend back to his village to live with his wife and son. However, they slowly begin to suspect that his wife and child might be spirits and not real.