Article: Top 10 Thai Biopics

The Thai Entertainment industry has treated the audience well with series, movies of various genres. The biopic is a piece of content based on non-fiction and historical-based characters. In this article, we have discussed the top 10 Thai biopics that have kept the audience glued to their seats.

1. The Overture

Based on the real-life story of Thai palace musician Luang Pradit Phairoh.  It is a story of a boy who lived in seclusion and found happiness in the world of music.  This movie rightly proves that music has the power to raise the dead. Adul Dulyarat played the lead role of Luang Pradit Phiaroh. This movie became immensely popular. It was a nomination for the Academy Award for best foreign-langu


2. Beautiful Boxer

Based on the real-life story of Parinya Charoenphol, a well-known tarns woman Thai fighter and actress. It is an inspirational treat for the audience and highlights that profession and passion are beyond the boundaries of gender. Asanee Suwan took up the lead character and did justice to the role. The movie won various awards in Torino International Gay and Lesbian film festival, Thailand national film festival, Milan International Lesbian and Gay film festival, etc.


3. The Billionaire

It is popularly known as Top Secret: Wai Roon Pan Lan. It reveals the story of a boy who establishes his own food company "Taokeanoi Food & Marketing," at nineteen after dropping out of university. It is the story of Thailand's youngest billionaires, "Itthipat Kulapongvanich."


4. Tee Shot: Ariya Jutanugarn

This 2019 Thai sports biopic film revolves around the life of Ariya Jutanugarn, the number one pro golfer in the women's world golf ranking 2017. Krissie Kritsiri Suksawat played the lead role. It highlights Ariya's entire life journey from child prodigy to number 1 pro golfer.


5. King Naresuan

This historical movie revolves around the life of Siam's ruler, Naresuan the Great.  Several parts of the film were released internationally. Great Naresuan's entire life as a child hostage to reclaiming sovereignty and retiring as a monk formed the plot and storyline. Wanchana Sawatdee played the lead role of King Naresuan. It is one of the most expensive Thai movies with a budget of 700 million baht. Part II of this movie was Thailand's official submission for the 80th Academy award for Best Foreign Language Film.


6. The Legend Of Suriyothai

It revolves around the life of Queen Suriyothai, known for her traditional loyalty, self-determination, and sacrifice. ML Piyapas Bhirombhakdi played the lead role of Queen Suriyothai and made this movie a great success. It is a story of a queen who sacrificed her love to keep peace in royal families and sacrificed her life while protecting her kingdom from Burmese invasion. The movie made a box office collection of million and ruled Thai cinemas with no one slot for five consecutive weeks. The film performed well internationally in countries like Canada and United States.


7. The Tin Mine

Based on the life of Ajin Panjapan and his experience of growing up in a mining camp in Phang Nga Province. Pijaya Vanchjitpan played the lead role of Ajin Panjapan.


8. The Last Executioner

Directed by Tom Waller, this biography is based on the life of the last man in Thailand to carry out executions with a rifle named Chavoret Jaruboon. He executed 55 criminals in his thirty-five years of career as a correctional officer. It is a story of a young boy who took up a job to support his family, a boy who loved music and sacrificed his dream of becoming a famous Rockstar just for the sake of his family. The storyline, the plot is quite deep and meaningful.


9. Chasing The Dragon

Set in the British colonization era of the 1960s, it shows the story of the biggest drug dealer and gangster, Ng Sik-Ho. Donnie Yen did a great job while playing ruthless and emerging drug lord. This movie won the Best Cinematography and Best film editing award in the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards.


10. The Moonhunter

Based on the life of Seksan Prasertkul, a Thai author who holds the title of National Artist of Thailand. A student leader who fought against military dictatorship to restore democracy formed the movie's plot.