Article: Top 10 Thai Remakes Of Korean Dramas/Movies

K-drama is a vast sub-industry and another world to enjoy the romance, fantasy, thriller, and crime genres. Their subtly made absolute creations increase the amount of fanbase and love for the celebs in their new role. We see remakes of any foreign nationality dramas and movies. Hence, we also see many Thai remakes of K-dramas and K-drama remakes of Thai origin. The listed dramas and films of K-drama remakes get celebrated amongst the audience to date, and so are their Thai remakes gaining the same amount of response.

1. Secret Garden

Onlaweng Ruk Salub Rang, the Thai title of Secret Garden, is about a CEO who is not polite or well-mannered with people and a stunt woman who starts swapping their bodies. Later, they fall in love. After around nine years, the Thai version got released in 2019. Both versions possess the same storyline.


2. Autumn In My Heart

Rak Ni Chuaniran is a Thai remake of the Korean drama Autumn in my Heart, released in 2013. The Korean version was from 2000. It maintains the originality of the plot and scenes and marks an incredible fan audience to watch this show. The story is different and fascinating to watch because what if you find out your brother or sister is not your blood sibling, and then you fall in love? This twist takes further the romantic but sad speed breakers.


3. Coffee Prince

The plot is a romantic story of a shop owner and an employer. The lead owner enforced to manage the coffee shop by his grandmother, and the female lead takes a tomboy get-up for the job and pretends to be a guy. But eventually, the loving phase gets on track when she falls for the manager. The Thai version has made a few alternative changes according to the requirements of the cultural perspective.


4. Princess Hours

The 2006 version of Korean Princess Hours and the 2017 version of the Thai remake has followed somewhat the same storyline. It says the crown prince has to marry an ordinary girl due to the family's promises. Though they gradually start feeling for each other, the crown prince has yet to deal with his previous love and the villains in the series. Both are good-to-go dramas to watch.


5. My Love From The Star

Thai remake came in 2019, whereas the Korean version of 2013-14 had gained a lot of love from all over Asia, and to date, it is receiving a place in all-time favorite drama lists. The storyline is about an alien falling in love with a human being, who also happens to be a famous actress. Will he stay even after surviving on the earth for hundreds of years or fall more for the hearts of that earthy actress? Even the Thai version has given its best in casting and direction.


6. Oh My Ghost

The female lead is the chef, who has a major crush on her superior chef. He is arrogant, but she is timid with an introverted character. She shes a ghost who is friendly enough. That ghost girl can get freed only when she losses her virginity. The female lead sudden changes and extrovert conversion is notable to others. Guess how this change could have happened? The Thai remake was released three years later than the Korean version and gained a good response.


7. The Classic

The Classic is a 2003 hit movie by Son Ye-Jin, remade in the Thai version- Classic Again in 2022. This movie plot is the same for both the dramas say there’s a love triangle twist between the lead, the lead’s mother, her past, etc. It is quite a worth-watching movie. Don’t confuse yourself by reading reviews and basic plots online. The Classic has comparatively made a massive success than Classic Again of Thai.


8. Full House

South Korean actress Song Hye-Kyo, gave a massive hit drama in 2004- Full House. Fraud takes place against the lead of her friends by selling her house when she is on vacation. She meets an actor on her way. Coming back, she realizes the incident, and eventually, these two leads end up living in a contract marriage for their benefit. But later, the romance sprinkles around. The Thai remake with the same plot came in 2014. Both have comparatively similar audience fanbases.


9. Who Are You: School 2015

Based on two identical sisters; where, one is bullied in school, and the other is a famous goddess in her school. Both are orphans but unknown of their relationship until one day they unite. Some mysterious events take place in their life and tend to replace their personalities. The Thai remake came in 2020 and is well-known throughout the audience.


10. My Girl

This drama has remade in the Thai version in 2018 and the Chinese version in 2020. My Girl is a story between a father, grandfather, daughter, and cousin. There is a lot of family tension on the lead, such as debts and family members’ illnesses. Gradually the story makes romance enter between the lead’s cousin and the girl. How? Will they end up together?