Article: Top 10 Reasons Why BlackPink Is Overrated

BlackPink is one of the most famous and biggest K-pop girl groups from South Korea. Within the years of their debut, they become internationally famous and loved by the fans. They are backed and supported by YG entertainment. YG Entertainment has used its marketing and public relation agency to make the group worldwide famous. It made sure that Korea’s newspaper accelerated its popularity at its finest. Blackpink shouldn’t be compared with the World’s Biggest Boyband BTS. BTS worked hard to reach where they are right now and Blackpink’s agency has used only the marketing strategies to reach where they are now. Here are the top 10 reasons why BlackPink is overrated.

1. Easy Popularity

BlackPink didn’t have to work hard for gaining fame and popularity. Their agency YG entertainment had done everything to maximize their presence internationally. However, they aren’t so popular in their home country. They are one of the most criticized artists in South Korea. They aren’t even considered the artist themselves.

2. No Talent

BlackPink and the four members don’t even write their songs. They are spoon-fed on the table. They have produced only 10-20 songs. The four members Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa didn’t even participate in the producing and making of their songs. YG Entertainment has taken every hard task from them and just asked them to dance effortlessly.

3. Rude Behavior

BlackPink is known for displaying rude and indifferent behavior towards the public. Once they arrived 20 minutes late at an Adidas event and didn’t even apologize to the public for their late arrival. David Beckham had to wait for them and they didn’t even care much. When they arrived at that event, they were laughing and giggling and didn’t even apologize for being late.

4. Unimpressive Discography

BlackPink and their albums aren’t much impressive. They produce just songs based on love and heartbreak. Their songs have no meaning behind and they are just lifeless without any rhythm. People can easily forget their songs after hearing them for once. Even their late song Pink Venom couldn’t captivate people’s attention.

5. Toxic Fanbase

BlackPink’s fandom is commonly known as Blinks. They aren’t much in number as we can see through the number of Sold albums and Spotify views. The fandom is known for spreading malicious lies and hatred on social media. They are experts in disregarding other bands and keep bragging about their overrated group.

6. Low Standards

BlackPink has low standards when it comes to its selection of songs, choreography, discography lyricism, and song structure. Everything they do isn’t have much impact on the audience as huge. They get views in billions but they can’t reach the audience’s heart. They will never have that break if they keep singing the songs produced by their agency.

7. Lack Of Diversity

BlackPink seems clueless and ignorant about everything. They have no clue how to formulate their songs according to their vocals. They don’t even write their songs, so they are certainly unable to comprehend how to carry out the songs. They have no idea how a real song should be formulated and executed.

8. Excess

Use of Auto-tune BlackPink doesn’t have the natural vocals to sing live at the performances. Many people who were present at their live concerts claimed they are terrible at singing and used a lot of auto-tune to enhance their vocals. They sound a lot different when they perform in front of a live audience as faking something isn’t easy and doing it for long can prove to the fans what’s real and what’s fake.

9. Only Visuals

Many fans when asked why they like BlackPink, they stated that they are beautiful and look like an angel. It’s unfortunate when people only like you for your appearance and not for your talent. It’s different because the girl group has not yet shown any real talent. They are just dressed up to look pretty and captivate fans with their beautiful looks.

10. No Real Comebacks

BlackPink doesn’t have that many songs which can be served as their perfect work. Also, they lack comebacks. There aren’t many comebacks they offer to their fans. They arrive with their albums once in a while. The durations are long and they consume a lot of time interacting with western celebrities.