Article: Top 10 Korean Drama And Movies Of Kim Ji Won

With her remarkable acting skills and unmistakable charisma, Kim Ji Won—a name that reverberates with grace and talent in the world of Korean entertainment—has carved out a niche for herself. In this post, we examine Kim Ji Won's distinguished career's top 10 accomplishments. Unravel the layers of achievement that have shaped this exceptional artist, from notable roles to awards and charitable initiatives.

1. To The Beautiful You

Goo Jae-hee (Sulli), a Korean girl who resides in the United States, is the main character in To the Beautiful You, a story that is told over 16 episodes. Because of the bullying she experiences at school because of her appearance, she almost drops out. One day, while watching a track and field tournament on television, she develops feelings for Kang Tae-joon (Choi Min-ho), one of the high jump participants. She starts to look up to the young athlete and is motivated to play sports and defend herself from her adversaries. Later, she moves to Korea to enroll in the same university as Tae-joon, who recently had an injury that would have ended his career. But there's a catch: Tae-joon goes to Genie High School, which is exclusively for boys, so Jae-hee shortens her hair and poses as a boy to get into the institution.

2. The Heirs

Kim Tan isn't your typical teenager in high school. He just so happens to be the Jeguk Group, a sizable Korean corporation, successor. But when his envious half-brother banishes him to America, his seemingly idyllic existence takes a change. While there, he meets Cha Eun-sang, a regular girl looking for a better life, and quickly falls in love with her. Unbeknownst to Tan, Cha Eun-sang is also the daughter of his family's housekeeper back in Korea. Ji Won plays Kim Tan's fiance Rachel Yoo, an arrogant heiress out to split up Tan and Eun-sang, who serves as the series' antagonist.

3. One Sunny Day

A broken-hearted man named Kim Ji-ho (So Ji-sub) ends up in Jeju Island for a work project, but he keeps bumping into a girl named Kim Ji-won. They are both robbed and are forced to stay at the same guest home. Since both his wallet and her phone were stolen, they are dependent on one another for a day. She mends his shattered heart when they are on Jeju Island, and they begin to fall in love.

4. Gap Dong

On a dark night, a young girl is brutally murdered by an unidentified perpetrator. The police believe a man they have dubbed "Gap-dong" is responsible for the crimes as the city has been struck by a string of serial killings that have totaled nine murders within a twelve-kilometer radius since 1993. Ha Il-Sik, a village citizen with intellectual disabilities, is the real killer, according to detective Yang Cheol-Gon. Ha commits suicide in order to show his innocence, thwarting his attempt to apprehend the suspect. After his passing, his son Moo-Yeom is motivated to join the police force in an effort to clear his father's name and restore his honor. Seventeen years later, Moo-Yeom is a police detective who works to find leads and assist young offenders.

5. Descendants Of The Sun

At Haesung Hospital, Kang Mo Yeon is a heart and thoracic surgeon who is attractive and confident.  When she meets Yoo Shi Jin, the captain and team leader of the Alpha Team, who cares more about rescuing everyone in need than he does about safeguarding his country, her life is irreversibly changed. Ji Won, who makes up one-half of the second coupling on the show, plays First Lieutenant Yoon Myung-ju, the daughter of a senior South Korean lieutenant who also has feelings for Seo Dae-young, a non-commissioned officer.

6. Fight For My Way

Ko Dong-man (Park Seo Joon), a once-successful taekwondo player whose career was destroyed by a tragic event, is the main character of Fight for My Way. Dong-man, who is currently a contract worker at a routine job, finally returns to his love, beginning as an unnamed mixed martial artist competing for the coveted UFC title. Along the process, he begins to fall for Choi Ae-ra (Ji Won), a department store salesperson with aspirations of becoming a television anchor, who was his childhood best friend.

7. Romantic Heaven

It centers on Mimi, a character whose mother is fighting cancer and requires a bone marrow transplant in order for her to have any chance of survival. Doctors successfully locate a possible donor after much effort, but after being charged with murder, the guy flees. Mimi gets to know the police investigators assigned to his case in an effort to locate him.

8. Horror Stories

The opening scene of the omnibus movie "Scary Stories" has a female high school student being abducted by a murderer who has a speech impairment. She tells the killer the spookiest tales to live. A serial killer with a speech handicap kidnaps Ji Won, a high school student. Only listening to terrible stories or tasting blood will put the murderer to sleep. Ji Won began telling him the four deadliest stories she is aware of in a Scheherazade-like manner to avoid being killed.

9. Arthdal Chronicles

Set in the bronze era in the mythical nation of Arthdal. Eun Seom and his mother, who wants to preserve him, must undergo trials as a result of Eun Seom's destiny to bring doom to Arthdal. They ultimately decide to depart and move together to a better location. Despite growing up in the new country, Eun Seom is regarded as an outsider because he is not like the others. Arthdal had a war hero named Ta Gon. Tan Ya and Eun Seom shared the same fate at birth. She is the Wahan Tribe's next great-mother. She struggles to learn the great mother's dance, and ever since the Eun Seom first appeared in their world, she hasn't had a single dream.

10. Lovestruck In The City

"Lovestruck in the City" is a realistic depiction of young people pursuing love and happiness while battling for survival in a hectic, cutthroat urban setting. Honest and dedicated architect, Park Jae Won enjoys exploring urban alleys. His pastime is gathering new pastimes. He has a romantic heart and can never forget a certain woman. This midsummer night's dream-like disappearance of this heart- and camera-thief is comparable to that of a dream. Lee Eun Oh, a regular person, temporarily reinvents herself as the impulsive and untamed Yun Seon Ah. She leaves on a whim and ends up in an uncharted location, where Jae Won falls in love with her new persona.