Article: Ten Korean Marriages That Failed

Marriages have been a topic of immense curiosity for a long time, especially if it involves celebrities or well-known people. However, does the marriage always lasts? This is a matter of even more speculations. The divorce rate in South Korea as of 2021 was two divorces per 1000 inhabitants, and it shows no significant signs of decline either. The few main reasons for ending up with a divorce in Korea were conflicts between married women and their in-laws or personality differences. A few divorce cases that took the media by storm are as follows:

1. Ahn Jae Hyun And Ku Hye Sun

One of the most loved Korean celebrity couples who co-starred as the male and female lead in “Blood” (2015) tied the knot in 2016. However, after engaging in an ugly public spat, they decided to break off their marriage and agreed to settle for divorce through mediation on 15 July 2020. As per Ku Hye Sun, her husband had an affair with another female celebrity though Ahn Jae Hyun denied this allegation.


2. Song Hye Kyo And Song Joong Ki

The legendary song-song couple who co-starred in “Descendants of the Sun” as the male and female leads married in 2017. However, they had filed for a divorce in 2019, citing personality differences as the sole reason. They had no child together, and there was a widely circulated rumor of them being long-time friends. They have been making a lot of public appearances and working on different projects after their divorce.


3. Shin Dong Ho And Kim See Hee

Shin Dong Ho, a former member of the boy group U-KISS, left the entertainment industry in 2013, and on 26 October 2015, he married non-celebrity Kim Se Hee. Later that year, they welcomed their son Asher Shin. But, they decided to go through a divorce in September 2018 due to personality differences and ended their marriage on good terms. They both are raising their child together, just not as a couple.


4. Jin And Juice

One of the very few sensational couples on YouTube who rose to fame by sharing videos of their real-life marriage is recently in the midst of a public divorce. Jin accused Juice of physical abuse, whereas Juice had another story to tell where Jin was suffering from PTSD and had a tendency to self-harm. They have two kids, Cevonne and Cephyr, who are presently staying with their mother, Juice.


5. Chae Rim And Gao Ziqi

Korean actress Chae Rim, best known for acting in the 2000s "All about Eve" tied knots with Chinese actor Gao Ziqi in October 2014 and welcomed their son in December 2017. Their first encounter was while shooting a 2013 Chinese TV drama "The Lee Family" in which they starred as a married couple. But, their marriage fell, after six years in 2020, citing personality differences as the reason, and Chae Rim returned to Korea with her son.


6. Sunwoo Eunsook And Lee Young Ha 

Sunwoo Eunsook and Lee Youngha married in 1981 at the peak of their careers. After 26 years of marriage, they got divorced in 2007. The reason, as we could see in the South Korean TV show "We Got Divorced" was the involvement of a third-party case. Sunwoo is still an active actress as a supporting character generally. They have two sons, and one is an actor himself.


7. Choi Gogi And Yu Catnip 

YouTuber Choi Gogi and Yu Catnip married in 2016. They split up in the year 2020 on good terms. They have a daughter together whom Choi is raising. The South Korean show aired on TV Chosun, “We Got Divorced,” invited them to see life after divorce. They had a happy time with Pinenip, their daughter, and surprisingly, Choi proposed to Catnip to stay together again, but they did not reunite, and currently, Choi is dating someone else.


8. Choi Jung Yoon And Yoon Taejun

Choi Jung-Yoon, a South Korean actress, best known for starring in television dramas with leading roles in Romance Hunter, and Yoon Taejun, currently a businessman and former member of the boy band Eagle Five, married in December 2011. They welcomed a baby girl in November 2016, who Jung Yoon is raising alone. The actress confirmed being in the process of divorcing her husband on 6 October 2021, while the reason for their split up remains unknown.


9. Lee Haneul And Park Yoo-Sun

DJ DOC Boss Lee Haneul and Park Yoo Sun tied the knot after 11 long years of dating and cohabitation. But, it soon fell apart, and they divorced after a year and four months of marriage. The reason for their divorce was a clash of personalities until everything went south. However, they were comfortable and caring toward each other on TV on Chosun's show “We Got Divorced”.


10. Lee Dong Gun And Jo Yoo Hee

Lee Dong Gun, an actor from FNC, and Jo Yoon Hee from King Kong Entertainment met when they co-starred in the drama “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop” (2016). They married in May 2017 and welcomed a daughter that year in December. However, after three years, they called off their wedding, going separate ways due to irreconcilable differences.