Article: 10 K-dramas On Gender Bender

The plot of gender bender is one of the most loved plots of Korean shows and is the best gender bender kdramas to watch. Gender- Bender kdramas are a unique way of telling, leading to comedy, romance, and personal growth.

1. Coffee Prince

In this show, the female lead disguises herself as a male to work in the coffee shop. She succeeds in hiding her identity until she falls for the shop owner, which leads to a complicated romance.

2. You're Beautiful

This show is about a girl who dresses up like her brother to join a boy band to fulfil her passion. As she tries hard to maintain, her male persona and her secret become challenging, resulting in a series of dramatic and humorous situations.

3. To The Beautiful You

This drama is based on a manga where the girl dresses up as a boy and joins the boy's school to meet and support her favourite sports player. She also gets to share a room with him as his roommate, but slowly, her identity is revealed, leading to emotional and personal growth.

4. Secret Garden

Though it is not an essential gender bender shoe, a gender-swapping show between two souls; who changes soul from one body to another as the stunt woman and a CEO switch bodies from time to time and get to know each other and fall in love. A stunt woman and a CEO switch bodies to get to know each other's life and develop feelings for each other.

5. Kill Me, Heal Me

In this drama, the male protagonist has a personality disorder, and one of his alter ego personalities is a female Ahn Yo Na adding a gender-bender element to the show. This gender-bender element adds complexity to the story, and he tries to find his true self.

6. Sungkyunkwan Scandal

In this historical drama, the girl takes up the identity of her sick brother to earn for the family but also gets admission to Sungkyunkwan University. Though she accepts the offer, it gets difficult for her to maintain her identity as feelings develop between friends, which raises a scandal.

7. Love In The Moonlight

This is also a historic dama in which the girl disguised as a male to support herself for her ghostwriting gets a client who is the crown prince. As they spend time together, connections deepen, leading to a complex romance and scandal.

8. Ma Boy

To achieve the dream of being an idol, a girl dresses up in a school where she gets attracted to her roommate and starts developing feelings for a boy disguised as a girl. As she develops feelings for her roommate, a love triangle emerges, leading to complexity and blurring lines of gender and identity.

9. The Scholar Who Walks The Night

After her father is charged with treason in the Joseon era, the girl, to make ends meet, dresses up as a guy and sells books at night and is very liked by everyone. She gets entangled with a vampire scholar who is struggling to become human again and turns out to be her love from the past.

10. The King's Affection

In this historic drama giving birth to twins is considered a bad omen. When the Crown Princess gives birth to the twins, she is ordered to kill the girl child. So to save her, she sends her out of the palace. Years later, that girl returns to the court to work as a maid. When her brother loses his life because of an identity mistake, the mother asks her daughter to take his place, and then she falls in love with a noble teacher.