Article: 10 Hilarious Scenes From Korean Dramas

We all have that one scene stuck in our head, the unmissable comedic timing and the perfect execution. Korean dramas are known for many things, but one of the best part is the comedy, that makes you cry tears of joy and choke on your food and definitely throw you on the floor laughing. Here are some of the most epic scenes from K-dramas that can never be forgotten and if you have then here are some revisits to one of the best drama scenes that were imprinted in our memories and had us addicted to them for a long time.

1. Rap Battle From Kill Me, Heal Me

Now for everybody who has watched the drama and knows about the storyline will get why this was one of the main highlights of the show, but one cannot simply ignore the camaraderie between the actors and the sweet, playful battle that the two main leads had. The scene happened when the two were playfully arguing about not wearing a tie.


2. Theatre Scene From The Goblin 

One of the most famous dramas of 2016 starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go-Eun. The goblin has an unmissable bad boy image, but the funniest scene takes place when the two of them try to spend quality time and the Goblin keeps screaming while watching the movie, which we didn’t miss. It was Train to Busan.


3. Deok- Sun’s Goofiness In Reply 1988 

The entire drama showed many scenes that were worth the laugh, Deok-Sun was over all goofy and a delight to watch, from wearing make-up for the first time, to her lessons and fights with her elder sister, especially when she was teaching her English or her secret handshake with Jung Hwan’s father.


4. Water Splash From Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 

For everybody who actively searches up videos and reels on K-dramas must have seen this scene on repeat. We know the typical mainstream scene where a guy is always there to protect and shield her loved one from water splashes, but when Kim Bok Joo gets used as a shield is going to live on forever.


5. Coffee Cup Incident From True Beauty 

One of the most hilarious scenes out there, where the main three characters, Joo-Kyun, Seo-Joon and Su-Ho are stuck in the elevator because Su-Ho kept messing with the elevator out of jealousy and Joo-Kyun had the urgent need to pee and Su-Ho offers the coffee cup to her to pee in, and her escape as soon as they are released made us cry.


6. Dessert Fork From Start-Up 

Do-san is a geek who has never ever received texts or calls from another female besides her mother, and now he is being trained about dinner etiquettes and was trying to be posh. That did not go well, but it brought out of one of the best comedic scenes there is, there were so many different types of forks that eventually everybody gave up.


7. Dan- Oh Being Our Spirit Animal In Extraordinary You 

The character shifts that the character has had from being the cry baby as written by the writer of the comic book they are  to the badass who wants to take over her own life and wants the freedom of living her own life is something that was great to watch, how she showed having control is something we got to learn.


8. Gwenchana Gwenchana From Welcome To Waikiki 

If we are talking about funny scenes and don’t bring this up, then it’s an insult the most amazing moment in the history of K-dramas, when Joon-Ki takes his red car out, Rebecca to give his friends a ride and things just keep going wrong and to everything Joon-Ki says Gwenchana which means It’s okay made our tummies ache.


9. The Very “Friendly” Headlock In Fight For My Way

This scene was too good to be true, in the Korean Culture there is a concept known as “aegyo”, which is the display of cute behaviour in a flirtatious way, but this can be very cringy at times and so when Ae-ra tried this on Dong-man, and his soul cringed, he put her in a headlock. Yes, you heard it right.


10. Death Threat In Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo 

This drama is an entire package, but the comedy is supreme. When Bok-Joo and Joon-Hyun were keeping their relationship a secret from their friends, then she gets extremely jealous when she saw him with other girls and texts him, “you die, I kill you!” in English and  watched all color drain from his face.