Article: Top 10 Things Japanese Celebrities Did Which Were Pleasant Surprises

We live in such a fast-paced modern world that these days hardly anything surprises us unless it is excellent and worth the time of all the people. Japanese actors are no exception to this unsaid rule either, but they managed to successfully surprise us quite a few times with some certainly unexpected things which were nothing but pleasant. Here is a list of the top 10 things Japanese celebrities did which were a pleasant surprise to fans.

1. Kanta Sato

Everyone knows that he is one of the most handsome Japanese actors and idols present. He was a part of EXILE’s theatre club, so he already had an established fanbase. Imagine the surprise fans must have gotten to hear the news that he would be coming as an actor in the movie Itazurana Kiss as the brooding and attractive Naoki.


2. Tatsuya Fujiwara

Tatsuya Fujiwara was already a favorite actor back when he dropped the surprise bomb on us. The surprise being that he would play the role of Light Yagami from favorite manga series and anime Death Note. This mind- boggling combination of him along with the worldwide renowned series got everyone to lose their minds in the best way possible.


3. Kenichi Matsuyama

This is an actor who did not just give us one surprise but a plethora of them back to back. Starting with, he was not only the voice actor but also played the character of L of Death Note in all the movies. Not just that, fans could not resist their excitement any longer after he dropped another surprise that he would be playing the lead character in Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood film adaptation.


4. Mayuku Iwasa

She took the notch a level higher when fans learned that she would be the lead actress in the Japanese movie Passion. They were not used to her doing such a role, so it was very intriguing for everyone as everyone wondered what she had in store for them.


5. Ryoko Shinohara

If anyone deserves the credit for hitting the ball out of the park with their surprise, it is none other than Ryoko. No one had expected this coming when it was announced that she would do the lead role in the movie Last Cinderella, where she had a significant age gap with the hero portrayed as a 39-year-old woman falling in love with a relatively young boy.


6. Takeru Satoh

He is the actor who most recently succeeded in surprising, everyone, by doing the lead role in Rurouni Kenshin. He had done several roles in many movies before and won the hearts of millions, but this particular movie, actually made everyone anticipate so hard.


7. Takako Fuji

She is already a pretty famous voice actress but the real surprise came when it was revealed that she would be the ghost or, Kayako Saeki in The Grudge. Who would have even guessed that her cute smile was capable of pulling such a solid and spine-chilling role, leaving everyone gasping.


8. Nanako Matsushima

She is a pretty famous Japanese actress who is even critically acclaimed. The real surprise came when she became the lead actress in the movie Ringu. Every single soul was pumped to see her in that role and her phenomenal acting.


9. Kitaura Ayu

She was a child actress when she did the film Nobody Knows, and just like the said film title, nobody knew that her acting would be so pleasantly surprising, so realistic, and totally on point with the role that she was assigned.


10. Eihi Shiina

She left everyone gasping, stunned, amazed, and all the adjectives to describe how surprised the audience was to see her as the mysterious woman in the movie Audition. She nailed the role, giving everyone the creeps and fears with her intriguing acting.