Article: Top 10 Japanese Celebrities Who Were Models


Japanese models and actresses are regarded as far more attractive, not only in terms of beauty but also in terms of self-assurance. Every year, Japan produces the most popular and fashionable models in the world. Japanese actresses are known not only for their talent but also for their glamour, with several of them competing in Miss Universe every year. So, here are some actresses who have also appeared as models.

1. Nanao Arai

She is a Japanese former model who works for Platinum Productions. In 2009, she debuted her modeling career and race queen in the publication. She was a Non-no supermodel who won Miss TGC of Tokyo Girls Collection and the Sanai Mizugi Image Girl in 2010. In 2011, she was recruited as an exclusive feature by the magazine Ginger. Nanao became known as a tarento as a consequence of her deeds.


2. Meisa Kuroki 

On May 28, 1988, Meisa Kuroki was born. She's a singer, model, and actress from Okinawa. She's contracted to Sony Music Japan and is represented by the agency Sweet Power. In 2004, she debuted as an actress. She has modeled for JJ, a prominent Japanese fashion magazine, as well as Epson and Giorgio Armani. She has acted in a variety of television dramas, commercials, films, and theatre shows.


3. Marie Iitoyo

She was born on January 5, 1998. She works in the fashion business as a model and actress. Tada, Kimi Wo Aishiteru, Kyo no Kira-Kun, Kimi Wo Aishiteru, Kyo no Kira-Kun, and Ankoku Joshi are among her best-known performances. Iitoyo is currently employed as an exclusive supermodel for the Japanese magazine Oggi. In the 2018 sitcom Hana Nochi Hare, she portrayed Megumi Nishidome.


4. Yui Aragaki 

On June 6, 1988, Yui Aragaki was born. She's a Japanese idol, model, actor, singer, voice actress, and radio show host on occasion. Her attractiveness, as well as her film efforts, have made her well-known. In 2008, she was awarded the Golden Arrow Award for Best Film at the 45th Golden Arrow Awards. In 2007, she suffered from work-related stress due to her large number of movie shootings as well as the preparation for her debut album.


5. Aya Ueto 

She is a Japanese actress, singer, model, tarento, and radio personality who appears on occasion. Aya was found after winning the special jury prize in the 7th Japan Bishjo Contest. She made her acting debut in the film Satsujinsha: Killer of Paraiso when she was thirteen years old (1999).


6. Erika Sawajiri

Erika Sawajiri is a Japanese actress who was born on April 8, 1986. She is a vocalist as well as an actor and model from Japan. She rose to prominence after portraying a girl suffering from the incurable disease spinocerebellar degeneration in the nonfiction Japanese television drama 1 Litre of Tears (SCD).


7. Nozomi Sasaki 

On February 8, 1988, Nozomi Sasaki was born. She is a Japanese glamour model and former professional fashion model from Akita, known simply as Nozomi during her modeling career. She has been a gravure idol and principal ringside commentator/spokesperson for the mixed martial arts tournament Dream Fighting Championships and the kickboxing competition K-1 World Max since 2009, after working as a fashion model for over 7 years.


8. Keiko Kitagawa 

Keiko Kitagawa was born on 22nd August 1986. She is a prominent Japanese model and actor. From late 2003 until mid-2006, she was a model for the Japanese Seventeen publication, but she ceased appearing once the publication dissolved. Sailor Mars in the Sailor Moon live action program Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (2003-2004) was her first acting role, and she stopped modeling after her role in the film Mamiya Kydai to focus on acting.


9. Suzu Hirose

Suzu Hirose is a model and actress that looks exactly like Bae Suzy, a Korean actress. In her generation, she's a multi-talented individual. If you've been waiting for her to appear in a new film or drama, mark your calendars for Chihayafuru: Musubi, in which she will star in 2018. Her role in the 2018 drama Anone can also be seen. Natsuzora, a 2019 drama production starring her, has also been set.


10. Mariya Nishiuchi 

Mariya Nishiuchi is a Japanese actress who has appeared in films such as Great Teacher Onizuka and Yamada and the Seven Witches. This stunning and accomplished lady is also a model and songwriter in addition to being an actress. Mariya has a natural attractiveness that draws everyone's attention, particularly her admirers. She may also vary her expressions while maintaining her beauty. Her most recent appearance was on the drama series Everyone's Getting Married.