Article: Top 10 Japanese Celebrities Who Had A Relationship With Their Co-Stars

Celebrities are often viewed as bizarre artifacts that belong to a civilization that the majority of us cannot comprehend or identify with. They live glittering lives, wear the newest fashions, and never have bad hair days. However, the news periodically serves as a reminder that they are just like us, even occasionally falling in love with their co-workers. Here are six well-known Japanese couples that met at work andended their relationship off-screen, even though theirs might not be the standard office romance.

1. Miho Kanno And Masato Sakai

The chemistry between Miho and Masato, who co-starred in The Castle of Crossed Destinies, was palpable. The movie, which is set in feudal-era Japan, shows a court presided over by a fictitious matriarchy (Kanno) who enjoys the company of 3,000men (oops, lovers), until one day a new man (Sakai) enters the court and irrevocably alters her existence. After barely three months of dating, they got married in 2013. They now have two children who were born in 2015 and 2018.

2. Odagiri Joe And Yuu Kashii

On the set of The Pavillion Salamandre in 2006, an unusual comedy about an X-raygenius (Odagiri) and a salamander mystery, Kashii and Odagiri became friends. In2008, they made their engagement public. The couple welcomed their first son in2011, they’re second in 2014 (who sadly went away in 2015 due to ileus), and they’re third in 2016. The pair is renowned for maintaining a very secluded home life.Odagiri, who was only 18 at the time of filming, is thought to have fallen head over heels in love with Kashii.

3. Riisa Naka And Akiyoshi Nakao

After meeting on the set of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time in 2010, Riisa and Akiyoshi didn't start dating until Tsurukame Josanin. Before stunning the public with their marriage announcement in 2013, they had been pals for years. They were renowned for being happy pairs who like posting updates about their lives on social media, and they also have a son who was born that year.

4. Atsuko Maeda And Ryo Katsuji

When news of former AKB48 member Atsuko's marriage in 2018 broke, fans were heartbroken. She and Ryo first met on the set of Dokonjo Gaeru in 2015, and they worked together once more in 2018 when they began dating in the film Woman Who Eats. One son was born to them in 2019

5. Masataka Kubota And Asami Mizukawa

On September 21, 2019, the pleased pair formally filed their marriage paperwork. They began dating while they were both co-stars in the 2017 drama Fugitive Boys,which was being filmed. Despite not being the lead pair, it seemed that they fell in love right away.

6. Koyuki And Kenichi Matsuyama

It took Kenichi two years to win Koyuki's hand when they first met on the Kamui Gaiden set in 2009. He is eight years younger than her, thus it appears that she

believed he was immature. However, love prevailed, and now that they are parents to three kids, they are regarded as the most resilient couple in the show industry.

7. Junichi Okada And Aoi Miyazaki

According to rumors, Aoi Miyazaki and Junichi Okada, a member of the band V6, fell in love while filming the 2008 drama Flowers in the Shadows, in which they played amarried couple. They wed in 2017 and are parents to a single child. In the historical drama Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer from 2012, they also acted together.

8. Hiroshi Tamaki and Haruka Kinami

They first crossed paths in 2010, but their romance didn't blossom until they shared as creen in the 2017 drama Onna no Kunshou on Fuji TV (which featured some intriguing scenes). They recently got married and appear to be a content couple.

9. Takei Emi And Takahiro

In the 2014 film Detective Designated for Assignment, Emi and Takahiro co-starred.They allegedly began dating around that time, but they didn't declare her pregnancy or their marriage until 2017 at the earliest. However, this relationship was viewed asa violation of the contract and had an impact on Emi career; although certain CM and parts were canceled, they continued regardless.

10. Oguri Shun And Yamada Yu

On March 14, 2012, four years after they first met on the set of Binbo Danshi, Oguriand Yamada exchanged vows. In the drama, there wasn't much (or any) romance,but they did have some endearing exchanges. Their two kids were born in 2014 and 2017, respectively. His work hasn't been impacted, therefore not certain whether any  of the allegations regarding his alleged infidelity have been substantiated.