Article: Top 10 Anime Male Characters With Fire Magics/Powers

Anime without superpowers is rare, and when it comes to action and adventure animes, it goes obvious to find almost every character with special powers. Firepower is a very destructive power; whoever uses it- protagonist or antagonist. The firepower is called Pyrokinesis (purported psychic ability through which a person can create and control fire), and the character is Pyrokinetic. Every character has different styles, weapons, and manipulation techniques to control these power. The number of male characters possessing fire powers is more. Their intense, sometimes scary look will either melt your heart or your phone. A flame can be a disaster or an end of the battling fire.

1. Natsu Dragneel 

Fairy Tail

Natsu is the Fire Dragon Slayer, who has  Fire Dragon Slayer Magic.

This magic typically can enable lungs to burst out fire flames and get nails covered in flames and scales to protect the body. The heat of the fire is proportionate to emotions of Natsu. It would be better if no one made him rage with fire out of his muscular body.


2. Roy Mustang 

Fullmetal Alchemist

Colonel Ry is the State Alchemist and officer in the Amestrian State Military who has a unique combat style- Flame Alchemy. Roy uses ignition cloth-made gloves that create a spark when rubbed together. Under his fingertips, he can turn the game by his side, except when there is rain and the gloves go wet.


3. Shinra Kusakabe 

Fire Force

Shinra is a third-generation pyrokinetic with flame symbol tattoos on his ankles. He is brave but demonic looking in the fire. He utilizes the fire from his feet and gains immense speed and strength, hence remains outstanding for his Devil's Footprints techniques. He can be aggressive and over-confident at times.


4. Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto 


Yamamoto is the strongest combatant who experienced the positions of the captain of the 1st Division in the Gotei 13 and the Gotei 13 Captain-Commander. His character has wrinkles, a long mustache, and eyebrows,

He has the most destructive fire weapon, Ryujin Jakka, the Zanpakutō spirit, which creates flames and can burn everything in its way.


5. Escanor

Seven Deadly Sins

One of the main protagonists in the series, Escanor, is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is powerful in the daylight but contrasts his personality at night. Rhitta, the axe, and the Sunshine ability enable him to emit flame. He has blonde hair and a blonde mustache complimenting his absolute muscular physique.


6. Portgas D. Ace 

One Piece

Fire Fist Ace was the nickname Ace got because he used his signature attack a lot by transforming fire fist and attacking, increasing gradually in size. Mera Mera no Mi / Flame Flame fruit gave him the power to control fire and transform his body into fire. He caused destruction but used the ability to defend himself as well.


7. Itachi Uchiha 


Unlike others in this list, Itachi is one of the anti-villain supporting characters in Naruto. He destroys his clan except for his older brother Sasuke Uchiha. He wears a low ponytail keeping bangs loose and covering his side face. Itachi has developed a fire technique, Amaterasu, and could use it just with his right eye. Everything can destroy with just an Eye.


8. Rin Okumura 

Blue Exorcist

Rin is the twin elder brother of Yukio and the son of Satan. He is very protective and supportive of the people he likes and cares about, like his late adopted father and brother. He has control over Blue Flames, which can destroy anything he wishes to. His demonic form surrounds his body with blue flames with his killer blue eyes look.


9. Alibaba Saluja


He is the main protagonist, along with Alladin and the 3rd prince of Balbadd Kingdom. He is also a swordsman and a Dungeon Capturer who has conquered Amon, the fire Djinn. By this, he can use his sword with flames to fight enemies. Though Alibaba is short, he has blond hair and golden eyes and wears a traditional Arabian outfit with black boots.


10. Endeavor

Hero in My Hero Academia

Enji Todoroki, aka Endeavor, is the superhero in the series. He is also called the flame hero because of his quirk and intellect. Hellflame, Endeavor's quirk, can able him to melt the walls and run on walls. He can control and manipulate fire as well as temperature. He has two sons, Shoto being the younger, and he has both Ice and Fire powers. This superhero possesses a not-so-good nature within his family.