Article: Top 10 Anime Based On The Art Of Cooking

Cooking was not taken that seriously earlier and was considered a minimal thing. Still, as people learn how much struggle it takes to cook a portion of food to perfection, we can see more and more documentaries and drama about it. Thousands of dishes need a lot of patience to prepare appropriately and taste so remarkable that the smile they bring to the consumer's face is worth a struggle. As people understood the details, anime became more and more anime about cooking and chefs. Here, we will talk about the top 10 Anime based on the art of cooking.

1. Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is a fantastic tale of Anne, who desires to become a silver sugar master like her mom. She is pretty good at it from the beginning, but we can see improvement in her work throughout the series. She is determined to do her role through all the challenging situations with Challe, a warrior fairy, beside her. The tale is based on a mystic world with the great importance of silver sugar confectionaries because they bring happiness to humans and long life to the fairies.

2. PreCure

The anime can be considered as one of the cute anime related to cooking that talks about the Cure girl's determination in their mission to rescue Coo Kingdom. The job is to get the poor recipes out of prison, and we can also see excellent coordination between fairies and humans who team up against the Bundoru Gang.

3. The Way Of The Husband

As the name suggests, the anime is about the husband who enjoys cooking and cleaning for her dear missy, Miku. It also shows how merely entering the kitchen won't guarantee a delicious meal, and one must struggle to finish it perfectly. He slowly understands the importance of groceries and the preparation required for bringing delightful food to the table.

4. Gourmet Girl Grafitti

Gourmet Girl Grafitti is about a cute girl doing cute cooking, to be specific. The story revolves around Ryou, who is determined to be a good cook. Her late grandmother wanted her to do so, and thus, she wanted to become good at it.

5. Toriko

It is funny when we find the hero fighting the food itself in the series. Toriko is a chat topper for various reasons, and the series talks about the world, a world where the landscape is made up of hamburgers. Toriko, the protagonist, is the Gourmet hunter, and we see him fighting a lot in the series.

6. JK Meshi

JK Meshi was a short and straightforward series comprising three-minute shows. The story revolves around three high school girls who cook simple and straightforward dishes when they have nothing to do. It is an average anime with simple people cooking simple dishes.

7. Yakitate!! Japan

Japan has been fabulous with bread ever since it was first introduced. They are good to give it a creamy texture loved worldwide. The anime is an excellent match for bread enthusiasm. The story revolves around an aspiring baker who is good at making the dough ferment faster. The show will provide you with deep insights into the process involved in forming yeast bread.

8. Pan De Peace!

Pan De Peace is another short anime with a small three-minute episode; thus, it is impossible to bring depth to the scenes they create. The anime is about a panel of 4 girls who love making pieces of bread. There is not much depth in the whole anime, nor have they provided any detailed food content, but it is refreshing to watch.

9. Fighting Foodons

Fighting Foodons is not an anime entirely based on food but a Pokémon version made with food. It is about the food monsters battling against the Glutton Empire. The anime is a bit slow but does comprise culinary combat.

10. Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon is outstanding with its agricultural exploration and revolves around a youngster who decides to get into a farming school to escape stress. The series is about food production and comprises several great cooking scenes with great character and plot development.