Article: Biggest Harems In Anime

Harem anime are identified for their vast roster of potential Romantic partners and a male lead who is the focal point of love interest for many women. When Urusei Yatsura introduced this genre through characters like Ataru Moroboshi and Lum, it kick-started a niche which has grown over the years, in terms of popularity. This year, be it from isekai power to new slice-of-life anime, features a harem dynamic at a point, showcasing it differently. The only thing all these anime have in common is their ridiculously vast size. These anime have joined the long list of older anime with the funniest and biggest harems fans have ever seen.

1. Reito Mizuhara- World's End Harem

World’s End Harem pushed the anime harem to the logical extreme. It starts with Reito Mizuhara who is being forced to make a choice: either face a painful death, or he goes into a cryogenic sleep until a cure for his sclerosis is discovered. He chose to go to sleep, saying goodbye to his family and Elisa Tachibana, the person he loved. When he wakes up, the world has changed. Due to a focused virus called MK Virus, 99.9% of men have died on earth. This leaves the burden of repopulating on Reito and the very few left men. Reito now had a harem that was half of Japan's population and the world’s entire female population at most.

2. Aijou Rentarou- The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, REALLY Love You

Aijou Rentarou has never had any luck with love, being rejected by 100 women during junior high. However, the moment he entered high school, his life completely changed. The God of love suddenly appears in front of Aijou, explaining that over the next year, 100 girls will fall in love with him as compensation for a clerical error based on his prior misfortunes. There is however a cruel twist of fate, being that those who fail to become his girlfriend will end up dying. Even though he is forced to commit to 100 girlfriends, he is genuine and makes time for all of them, making all of them feel appreciated.

3. Hiraku Machio- Farming Life In Another World

Hiraku Machio is reincarnated into another world alone, but with a unique ability that grants him a superhuman power in agriculture. He in a short period, turns an undesirable forest that is surrounded by monsters into an inviting place to live. His house is surrounded by a clean river, bountiful crops, and a serene solitude. Anyone who passes through his home is piqued, and almost anyone who passes by joins the village. They are all women who have an interest in Hiraku. As time goes by, the word spreads, and the villagers' friends and family also move there. Hiraku, who was first alone, finds himself in an ever-growing harem.

4. Catarina- My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Leads To Doom!

Catarina Claes is an interesting harem protagonist. Besides her being one of the rare female harem protagonists in a predominantly male genre, Catarina is interested in both women and men. Catarina attracted the romantic interests of several endless suitors. Her aloof, honest, and humble nature made a likable and endearing character. In the first two seasons, her potential romances included Sophia Ascart, Alan Stuart, Rafael Walt, Maria Campbell, and Nicol Ascart. She had an array of potential romances available throughout the anime.

5. Kamijou Touma- A Certain Magical Index

Kamijou Touma has an exciting life. One day he meets a clone of his friend and Mikasa Mikoto, his love interest and quickly befriends her. From this moment on, he is drawn into a city-wide conspiracy where he learns that an excessive number of Mikasa clones exist to be killed horribly by Accelerator. With the help of the real Mikasa, he stops the accelerator from taking the lives of any more of the sisters. He finds himself as the object of attraction of the left 9,969 clones and the real one. This large harem doesn’t even include his other suitors.

6. Tousuke Rokudou- Rokudo’s Bad Girls

Tousuke Rokudo is attending Aomori High, which is a school for delinquents. However, he was a kind, harmless boy, which led to him being bullied by everyone in school. One day, he finds a mysterious scroll his grandfather had left him, which has a secret power that makes every delinquent girl he meets instantly fall in love with him. However, he didn’t use the power to benefit himself, instead he tried to improve the lives of all the bad girls he met. Even though Tousuke has a harem, he never takes advantage of their feelings. He is one of the few notable protagonists to infatuate all his school’s female students.

7. Daichi Tanaka- A Playthrough Of A Certain Dude’s VRMMO Life

Daichi Tanaka is a 38-year-old man who enjoys playing a virtual reality mass multiplayer online game during his spare time. He is a very likable person with a calm, understanding, and caring personality, making him a big hit among all players. While he wants to be called Earth, his other players and friends start using a different nickname called Fairy Seducer. In a recent update, the developers introduced a companion to assist the players. Earth was a Fairy-type player, and it is apparent that he was popular among Fairies.  The Fairy Queen informs him that he cannot form a Fairy Contract with just one fairy, as it will create chaos among the 80% fairy world.

8. Tenchi Masaki- Tenchi Muyo!

Tenchi Masaki is just an average high school student who accidentally releases Ryoko Hakubi, a demon, after entering a cave. After being released she attracts many aliens Princesses, pirates and more to Earth, each with an agenda. Tenchi then discovers that he isn't just some average human but is an essential member of the Jurai Royal Family. He suddenly finds himself entangled in this power struggle. When these aliens visit Earth they are quickly captivated with Tenchi, who is romantically involved with Ryoko. Tenchi is seen struggling to deal with these romantic encounters, which were relentless and constant.

9. Dakini- KamiKatsu: Working For God In A Godless World

Yukito Urabe is the lead character, who died due to his father’s religious cult. He finds himself being reincarnated into another world, where there is no religion. In a cruel twist of fate, faith is an essential tool to gain power in this world as Archons, the gods, and evil godlike have gained strength by having devoted followers. Among these Archons is Dakini, who is running a hedonistic sex cult that is very popular with Imperial City citizens. Dakini has more than 10,000 followers in her harem, making her both formidable and loved worldwide. Not only did he have one of the most enormous harems in anime, but it was one of the few historically accurate ones seen in the genre.

10. Yukinari Sasaki- Girls Bravo

Yukinari suffers from a rare medication condition known as Girl Allergy. As a kid, she suffered from a traumatic abuse that involved girls, causing him to break out in hives whenever he came in contact with a woman. One day, he finds himself being transported to Seiren, another planet filled with only women. As men are rare on Seiren, everyone quickly falls in love with Yukinari. He meets Miharu Sena Kanaka and quickly becomes friends with her. Together, they go back to his original planet. Humorously, many of the girls he met on Seiren also travel to Earth to be with him.