Article: Top Ten Chinese Celebs Names Starting With L

If you want to discover the popular Chinese celebrities whose initial start with the Alphabet L, we are here to help you with that. You may believe it or not, but many people have faith in numerology, and in many cultures, it is considered that a person's name highly influences his/her life path. For this reason, many people change or adopt a stage name that would be appropriate for their life path. The Alphabet L has its significance like any other alphabet. In numerology, the alphabet L has the numerical value of 3. The people in China mostly use their first name in the last, and usually use their surname first, so their actual name is written second.

1. Leanne Liu

The veteran Chinese actress is one of the first Chinese celebrities in this article, whose name starts with the alphabet L. The actress is a veteran in the Chinese entertainment industry, having worked in a long list of movies and films.


2. Kong Lin 

Kong Lin is another veteran Chinese actress on this list whose name starts with the alphabet L. The surname Kong is also a surname that is dominant in not only China but also in Korea as 'Gong'. The veteran actress too shares the surname of Kong. Lin has been acting as an actress, movie producer, art director and she is also a very talented semi-rock pop singer. Kong Lin is also known as Kong Ling by the public of China.


3. Deng Lun 

Deng Lun is another Chinese actor whose name starts with the initial L. Lun shares the surname of Deng. Deng Lun was born in 21 October 1992. He is quite a popular face in the Chinese entertainment industry. He has starred in five of the highest-rated television series in China. In the post 90's generation of actors, Deng Lun ranks number 1 in the Television drama rating records.


4. Leon Lai

Born with the name Lai Chit, the Hong Kong actor later became well known as Leon Lai. Lai is his surname and Leon is his name, though he uses his other stage name, Lai-Ming. The actor was born on 11 December 1966. Lai is a very influential singer and is one of the Four Heavenly King of Hong Kong or Cantopop.


5. Han Lei

Han Lei is yet another Chinese celebrity whose name starts with the alphabet L. Han is the surname and Lei is his name. Han Lei is a Chinese songwriter and singer. Lei is known as Senbor in Mongolian, he was born on 23 February 1968 in Inner Mongolia, China.


6. Lay Zhang 

Lay Zhang whose birth name is Zhang Yixing, is popularly known as Lay. He debuted with the then 12 members and now 9 members, South Korean Boy group, Exo with the stage name Lay. Hence his first initial is L. Lay is a popular face internationally as well as in his home country China. He first rose to prominence for being in the dance line of Exo.


7. Huang Lei 

Huang Lei is a Chinese actor with the name starting with the Alphabet L. As of 2021, Huang Lei is aged 50, he was born on 6 November 1971.


8. JJ Lin

Born on 27 March 1981 with the birth name, Wayne Lim Junjie. JJ Lin is a Singaporean singer, songwriter, and actor, although he is born of Chinese ethnicities. Lin also has his fashion line, called SMUDGE.


9. A-Lin 

A-Lin was born on 20 September 1983, her birth name is Huang Li-ling. Huang is her surname. Later she adopted the stage name A-Lin. A-Lin is a notable singer and songwriter in the Chinese entertainment industry. She is known to have a wide vocal range.


10. Chen Linong

Concluding this list with Chen Linong whose first name starts with the initial L. Chen Linong is a singer-actor, he was born on October 3, 2000. Linong rose to prominence when he participated in the survival reality show, Idol Producer as a trainee. Later, He debuted with the group Nine Percent.