Article: Anime Series That Are Better Than Naruto

Naruto is one of the most popular anime and a loved series. For years, it was one of the top series, which even non-anime fans could recognize. Even though the series is far from being perfect, there are tons of pacing issues, and the characters aren't as well developed as those compared to other anime. It may be one of the most popular anime ever, but it is far from the best. It also lacks in specific departments, such as romance, pacing, and even the use of filler episodes.

1. Bleach

Bleach, after Naruto, is another member of the big three, which is not talked about as much as Naruto, it is still quite popular. Even though it has the same issues with filler and pacing, some fans think it did filler better. The filler in Bleach gives a better look at the characters and creates quite an exciting story.

2. Samurai Champloo

It is an underrated series with incredibly well-developed characters and well-done fight scenes. It has a lot of unique themes and styles. Although Naruto seems to have incredible fight scenes, even this anime manages to have better fights without using a magic system. The fighting styles are unique with each character, which shows their unique personalities.

3. Demon Slayer

It is an anime incredibly similar to Naruto in many ways but is better for its animation. This series stays consistent throughout, making it a fantastic show. Demon Slayer is a more engaging anime as it has much tighter pacing and doesn’t need dozens of episodes for a storyline to pay off.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

It is usually on most fans' best anime list. The story is incredibly compelling, and the magic system is unique. All the characters are also well-written, including the female characters. Something unique about the anime is how great of an anime it is. For new fans, it’s the best starter anime for its excellent animation and well-paced story.

5. Hunter x Hunter

It isn’t an anime that gets a lot of hype, but that doesn’t mean it is not a quality series. It seems to share a lot of similarities with other shonen, but something it excels at is its sound design and music. This series is a master at setting the right mood for any situation.

6. Jujutsu Kaisen

Naruto’s most significant issue is how poorly developed their female characters are. Luckily, this series doesn't have the same problem. The women are strong in their ways and incredibly well-rounded. Most women are far more developed and intriguing than their male characters. It also boasts stellar animation and a more engaging tone than Naruto.

7. Attack On Titan

It is probably one of the most mainstream anime due to its well-done storyline. While cliffhangers are painful, the storytelling is still thought-provoking. While Naruto anime seems to spoon-feed the story to its audience in this anime the story is left up to the audience’s interpretation.

8. My Hero Academia

It is the current “it” anime with six complete seasons and counting. The characters are compelling and well-developed, and the story is unique. The series excels in character development and it is probably something it does better than any other anime. The changes the characters have to show the progress are believable and not sudden, making the journey incredibly fun to watch.

9. InuYasha

It is an early classic of the isekai genre, but it is not an iseki fantasy action due to its solid romances. One of the biggest gripes fans have with the Naruto series is how some relationships are, feeling boring and forced. This anime does a great job of building the characters' relationships.

10. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

It is a unique anime that is utterly distinct from all other anime visually. This anime isn’t for everyone; the art style tends to turn some people off, but the colorful characters cast and the well-done fight scenes make it one of the best anime. It is an anthology that means each story arc feels refreshingly new, and no other storyline drags on for too long.