Article: Top 10 Chinese Movies with Sad Endings

The Asian film industry has received quite a lot of attention from other countries. This has led to an increase in the value of the entertainment industry. Asian countries have become a top priority for people to visit during their holidays. Many people are very fond of movies with sad ending, and they quite often watch them as it resonates with their current mood.

1. More Than Blue

This movie is about how people put the happiness of their loved ones above themselves. It is a remake of the Korean film, and the title is also the same. More than Blue tells us about a boy named K who discovers that he has Leukemia at the young age of 16. He also got abandoned by his family. Later, he meets Cream, who had lost her family due to a car accident. They find comfort in each other, and face obstacles in their life together. But their happiness doesn’t last long when K’s illness progresses.

2. Never Gone

Never Gone is one of the cute and sweet love stories that are a must-watch for the audience who love this kind of genre. This movie depicts the profound reflection on social status and the struggles everyone internally faces at some point in life. It is a story about two classmates who love each other but have to part ways because of their family background. Later, they finally reunite after being apart for ten years. This movie was produced based on the popular novel “So You Are Still Here.”

3. Hear Me

Hear Me is one of the good movies from the olden times. It has a very charming story, which was mostly shot in sign language. The audience can feel the warm love and care between the characters, who are a delivery boy and a deaf girl. This movie makes the audience realize that words aren’t necessary to convey our feelings to our loved ones.

4. Us And Them

This movie shows the realistic side of love between the couples. It is also about being broke, young, and in love. A couple met each other and fell in love, but they realize that sometimes love is not always enough to support a relationship. After ten years, they both think about the past and start cherishing those moments they had with each other. From the very beginning, the audience can feel the chemistry between the characters. The audience also learns that love should not take it for granted in any form, be it between couples or parents with their child.

5. But Always

This movie is about first love and how you long for it without being able to forget. But Always is a heart-wrenching, sweet film which is a must-watch for the audience. The way the film has been produced is just pure gold. The story is about a couple from 1971 to 2001 (childhood to adulthood). The title itself gives some ideas to the audience as to what the movie might be about.

6. Under The Hawthorn Tree

This movie is one of the best works of a talented director, Zhang Yimou. This movie shows the love between the two characters during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. It also shows the injustices during those eras, with lots of sweet moments. This movie was produced in such a beautiful way, like the book from which it was adapted.

7. Hi, Mom

This movie revolves around an emotional story about family love and respect. They have produced such a fantastic movie, which makes the audience emotionally attached to the characters. It tells us the story of Jia Xiaoling, whose mother passed away due to a car accident in the year 2001. Later, she got transported back to 1981 where she becomes friends with her mother and tries to improve her life.

8. Give You A Little Red Flower

This movie teaches the audience a precious lesson about how people should not take life for granted and also not overlook the struggles of other people. It is also essential that everyone should realize that we have to face our problems on our own. This story is about two people being a cancer patient and falling in love with each other. The dreams that they have always seen got challenged when unexpected problems start occurring in their life.

9. A Beautiful Life

It tells the audience a story about how love can change a person and how it can help overcome shallowness and greed. The chemistry projected by the main characters has made the movie give some intensity to it. The content in the film cannot be easily predictable as it gives one surprise after another.

10. Better Days

This movie is one of the most emotional films of all time. It has also got nominated on the biggest platform, “the Oscars.” Many of the viewers have described this movie as an art. It stars a very talented Zhou Dongyu and Yi Yangqianxi. Better Days tells the story of different students and their struggles in high school. It mainly revolves around the student’s life in or out of the school.