Article: Top 10 Chinese Celebrities Who Got Infected With COVID

The world pandemic caused by Coronavirus has made its rounds after first emerging in Wuhan, Hubei, province of China in 2019. Nobody was safe, including celebrities and government leaders. Here we have ten Chinese stars who got infected with COVID:

1. Mark Lee

Mark Lee Kok Huang, born in 1968, is a Singaporean actor, comedian, director, and television host. He is famous for the television sitcoms like Police & Thief, Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, Money No Enough, and Holland V. He was awarded the All Time Favourite Artiste award in 2010. He was awarded the Best Leading Actor award in 2021 for his comedy film Number 1.


2. Hayley Woo

Hayley Woo, born in 1991, is a Singaporean actress. She has an identical twin sister who is also an actress, Jayley Woo. She was a blogger and had an official fan club called "Hayleycopters." She starred in Dive into Love & The Recruit Diaries (2013), Three Wishes (2014), My Secret App (2015), If Only I Could (2016), Hear My Thoughts (2017), and Life Less Ordinary (2017). She got infected with Covid earlier.


3. Ng Eng Hen

Ng Eng Hen, born in 1958, is a Singaporean politician. In 2011, he was appointed Minister of Defense. He is a member of the governing PAP. Before entering politics, he worked as a consultant surgeon and private surgical oncologist. 


4. Eric Chua

Eric Chua Swee Leong, born in 1979, is a Singaporean politician who served as Parliamentary Secretary for Social and Family Development and Culture, Community, and Youth. He is a member of PAP.


5. Alaric Tay

Alaric Tay, born in 1979, is a Singaporean actor, director, and producer. He graduated from Griffith University in Australia. He began his acting career with the feature film- That's the Way I Like It. Alaric Tay is an orator who hosted many roadshows for Dinner and Dances, including politicians and ambassadors.


6. Marcus Chin

Marcus Chin On Kang, born in 1953, is a Singaporean actor, host, and actor. He is known for starring in comedic roles in the shows like Comedy Nite. Chin also works as a Deejay on 97.2 Love FM. In 2018, he got nominated for the Best Supporting Actor for the drama Have A Little Faith. He married Murong Ying, a Taiwanese Singer, in 1987 but divorced her. He starred in the films like The Fortune Handbook (2017), Provision Shop (2016), Rubbers (2014), The Wedding Diary (2012), I Do, I Do (2005), and many more.


7. Richard Low

Richard Low, or Liu Qianyi, born in 1952, is a Singaporean actor. He worked in many Chinese-language dramas. He was a theatre actor before joining the drama training classes. He starred in films like I Not Stupid (2002), The Best Bet (2004), Singapore Dreaming (2006), Ah Boys To Men (2012) , Zombiepura (2018) , and King of Mahjong (2015), and many more.


8. Carina Lau

Carina Lau Kar-Ling, born in 1966, is a Hong Kong-Canadian singer and actress. She moved to Hong Kong in 1983 to join TVB's acting classes. She is well-known for her roles in the films like Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010), Let the Bullets Fly (2010), All Well, Ends Well (2011), Beijing Love Story (2014), Asura (2018), A City Called Macau (2019), Dynasty Warriors (2021), and many more.


9. Yumiko Cheng

Yumiko Cheng, born in 1981, is a Hong Kong actress and singer. She is a Cantopop singer. Yumiko debuted as a member of group 3T. She released her solo albums: Yumiko The Debut EP (2002), Dance Dance Dance (2003), Yumiko's Space (2005), Passion(2006), Wonderful Time (2008), and I'm A Lucky Girl (2014). She also starred in films and drama series like 77 Heartbreaks (2017) , Aberdeen  (2014), All About Boyz (2002), Heart and Greed (2017), and Sisters Who Make Waves (2020), and many more.


10. Daniel Dae Kim

In March 2021, South Korean-American actor Daniel Dae Kim announced that he tested positive for COVID-19 on Instagram. Before his diagnosis, Daniel was on the set of the series New Amsterdam.