Article: Top 10 Chinese Actors Who Are Vegetarians

Not everybody follows the same kind of diet, which we all know. Some swear by meat and other nonveg items, while others swear by vegetarian food. Either way, diet is a personal choice of people and it is no different in Celebrities. Though the countries of East Asia generally follow a meat-based diet, however, the concept of vegetarianism is not a stranger and is getting more popular among people. With time, more people are turning into a vegetarian. Keep on scrolling to check if your favorite Chinese star is a vegetarian.

1. Andy Lau

Andy Lau is a living legend of the Asian Entertainment Industry. The actor didn't always follow a plant-based diet, he turned into a vegetarian later in life, as both his wife and daughter were vegetarian. He changed his diet in 2013. Initially, as a vegetarian, it was surely not easy for Andy Lau as he had shared that earlier as a non vegetarian he used to have 6 eggs a day, so he defiantly had to change his eating habits after tuning into a plant-based diet.


2. Jet Li

Nothing beats the plant-based diet, and Chinese actor, Jet Li agrees with this fact as he is one of the Chinese actors who are vegetarian. It is heard that Jet Li follows a Vegetarian diet as it helps in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and balancing the body and mind, along with other health benefits.


3. Faye Wong

Faye Wong being a vegetarian is a known fact in the Chinese Entertainment industry. The singer-actress is a role model of a large number of people for various reasons, and one may also be for being a vegetarian, As there is comparatively a less number of vegetarians in China, the singer-actress was even voted as "Asia's sexiest vegetarian woman" in the poll conducted by PETA in 2008 and was again nominated in 2010.


4. Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei who is also popularly known as Vicky Zhao is one of the biggest names in the Chinese and Asian Entertainment Industry. Zhao Wei is a strict vegetarian as the actress follows the religion of Buddhism.


5. Barbie Hsu

Barbie Hsu first rose to popularity after starring in the fan-favorite television series, Meteor Garden and Meteor Garden II. The Taiwanese actress is known to be an animal lover and hence chose not to indulge in a meat-based diet, hence she became a vegetarian.


6. Jacky Cheung

There is hardly any person familiar with the Chinese Entertainment industry who is not familiar with Jacky Cheung. Jacky Cheung has a record of 120 million sales across the world. The legendary singer-actor is one of the popular vegetarian celebrities. After getting married the legendary icon turned into a vegetarian for better health.


7. Gilbert Lam

Gilbert Lam is a Hong Kong actor who had worked in Malaysia before breaking into the Chinese Entertainment Industry. Gilbert Lam had shared that he became a vegetarian while filming in Malaysia as he was worried that the meat-based diet implied more calories. The actor had admitted that initially the switching of diet was tough but he eventually got adjusted.


8. Kay Tse

Kay Tse is a popular Hong Kong-born singer-actress. The talented artist took a year of hiatus in 2016 due to the ongoing political tension and pregnancy. The singer-actress has been a vegetarian for most of her life and encourages people to follow a more plant-based diet.


9. Joe Ma

Joe Ma is a Hong Kong-born actor. Before debuting in the entertainment industry, he served the country as a policeman. Joe Ma had always been fit however recently he went through a major change in appearance as he was seen having a comparatively slimmer face than before. There were rumors of him undergoing plastic surgery. However, the former policeman clarified that his physical appearance changed due to dietary changes and that he had switched to a vegetarian diet.


10. Jackie Lui

Jackie Lui Chung-yin who is shortly known as Jackie Lui is another Vegetarian actor in the Chinese Entertainment Industry. The actor has often shared how a vegetarian diet helps the immune system and overall health. The actor completely swears by his plan-based diet and even has a vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai.