Article: 10 Things Every Chinese Actresses Lover Should Know

There have always been a massive amount of beautiful actresses in China. Chinese actresses exhibit skill, beauty, and style. They continue to win us little more with each new drama or film. So for all Chinese actresses lovers; I have made a list that you’ll find interesting. Here are ten things you need to know about Chinese actresses which will make your love for them grow even more-

1. Highest-Paid Chinese Actresses

Fan Bingbing is an actress from China. After constantly putting in the top 10 since 2006, she was listed as the highest-paid celebrity on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list from 2013 to 2017. She earned an estimated 244 million Yuan that year, making her the highest-paid star.


2. Most Influential Celebrity In China

Zanilia Zhao Liying is China's unquestioned TV ratings queen; the 14 drama series in which she have starred over the past ten years has earned an estimated 180 billion or more internet views.


3. Most Beautiful Chinese Actress

Yang Mi is well-known for both her stunning appearance and acting. She began her career in the historical TV show Tang Ming Huang and won recognition for her leading roles in several other shows, including Wang Zhaojun (2007). For her work in Reset (2017), she received the Best Actress prize at the 2017 World Fest Houston International Festival (2017).


4. Their TV Shows

Ode to Joy, Meteor Garden, Empresses in the Palace, and The Untamed are a few of the best Chinese dramas. Love O2O and Go Go Squid are some of the other popular Chinese dramas from 2020. Due to a lack of official sponsorship and poor advertising in international media outlets, Chinese dramas were not well-liked. Since 2020, Chinese dramas have improved significantly in terms of quality; several are now on par with Korean dramas.


5. About Their Culture

Chinese culture is significant because it significantly influences every element of a Chinese person's life. This includes their business practices, how they care for their family and the elderly, how they divide household chores, and other factors.


6. Best Chinese Model

Jennifer Du is regarded as the first Chinese supermodel in the world and goes by the name Du Juan. She spent nearly ten years developing her classical dance technique before finding her feet as a model. When she was the first Asian model to appear on the cover of Vogue Paris in 2005, she created history.


7. Their Dress Sense

Although Chinese and Western fashion trends are very similar, in China, exposing too much skin is frowned upon. Avoid putting on shirts with low necklines that reveal the majority of your back and shoulders. Similarly, when choosing what to wear in China, it is safer to avoid wearing extremely short skirts, dresses, or shorts. In China, business attire is professional and conservative. Men's business attire for formal occasions often consists of conventional suits in dark colors. In contrast, women are expected to dress professionally in high-necked dresses or suits.


8. The Chinese Secret To Staying Healthy

The traditional Chinese diet has been mostly vegetarian for centuries due to historical and economic considerations, focusing on plenty of vegetables, rice, and soybeans, and just a tiny amount of meat used for flavor. Many Chinese people cannot afford significant cuts of meat or the cooking oil needed to prepare them. The standard American diet, which frequently uses meat as the main course, is far less healthy than the traditional Chinese diet. However, if you want to eat well, you don't need to go to China's countryside. Just incorporate the Chinese method of eating into your diet. You can do this wherever you are, whether cooking Chinese food at home or dining out.


9. The Chinese Eating Lifestyle

Well-known Chinese actresses Zhang Jingchu and Tao Hong appeared in a 45-minute documentary where they promoted the notion that while eating meat is useless and harsh, eating veggies is healthful. The video and its stars praised vegetarianism by calling it fashionable, healthy, and environmentally friendly while decrying meat consumption as brutal, violent, and destructive.


10. Their Culture And Heritage

Chinese actresses tend to be very serious about their culture and heritage. They often show their ancient culture in Chinese movies and dramas that everyone loves. It gives the viewers an insight into their culture and makes them love them even more.