Article: 10 Chinese Singers With Names Starting With S

They say that your name carries much of what your personality and your future holds. Those whose names start with ‘S’ are said to be loyal and apparently have very successful careers. Here is a list of 10 Chinese singers who prove this claim to be correct.

1. Shang Xiaoyun

Shang Xiaoyun was famously known for his dancing and acrobatic skills. He is the founder of ‘Rong Chun Opera School’. Shang Xiaoyun, along with Mei Lanfang, Xun Huisheng, and Cheng Yanqiu, was one of the four great 20th century performers of the ‘Dan’ role in the Peking Opera.


2. Shi Yihong

Shi Yihong, also known as Shi Min, is a Chinese Peking Opera singer and actress. She is commonly known for playing Dan roles. She is a Plum Blossom Prize winner and is considered a Peking Opera ‘Blockbuster’. In 2018, Shi Yihong established her own theatre, the ‘Yihong Theatre’, in the Baoshan District of Shanghai. This is the first theatre in Shanghai to be named after an opera artist.


3. Sun Nan

Sun Nan is a pop singer famously known for his 2008 Summer Olympics song ‘Forever Friends’. Other well-known songs that Sun Nan has released include, ‘The Wind Goes To North’, ‘Save’, and ‘Be There Or Be Square’. He attained international prominence after the year 2002. Prior to this, he was a popular singer in Beijing.


4. Su Yunying

Su Yunying, famously known as Sue Su, is a singer-songwriter who rose to prominence in 2015 after participating in ‘Sing My Song’. She had performed a self-written song titled ‘Yezi’ and placed second in the finals list. Su Yunying had also participated in the 2016 season of ‘I Am A Singer’.


5. Siwaige

Siwaige is a Chinese soloist signed under WAJIJIWA Entertainment. The singer is also a popular and highly liked content maker on the douyin app. He made his debut with a self-titled EP on August 3, 2018. Siwaige had also been a participant in the second season of ‘The Coming One’, and placed 3rd in the final run-up.


6. Su Ruiqi

Su Ruiqi, also known as Sury, is a rapper, singer, and dancer. She is currently signed under ETM Skies and is also a member of Chic Chilli and Chic Chilli S&R, a sub-unit. Sury is most popularly known for her participation in the Chinese survival shows ‘Produce 101 China’ and ‘Produce Camp 2020’. She was also a contestant on ‘Girls Planet 999’, the Korean survival show.


7. Show Lo

Show Lo, commonly known as Xiao Zhu, is a host, singer, and actor. He is highly anticipated and recognised for his trademark dance music. In 1996, Show Lo made his debut as part of a Taiwanese boy group. He debuted as a soloist in 2003 with a studio album titled ‘Show Time’. Show Lo held the record for the best-selling album for four consecutive years (2010 - 2013) in Taiwan.


8. Su Shanshan

Su Shanshan is a singer best recognised for her participation in the survival show ‘Youth With You 2020’. She is also a member of BEJ48 and was the group’s first member to release a solo single. She released her solo mUNIVERSE’, on June 2, 2018, during the Universe Waiting Stage. This song was written, composed, choreographed, and arranged by Su Shanshan herself. She had been described by Japanese media as ‘A Beautiful Girl 40,000 Years’.


9. Silence Wang

Silence Wang is a singer who belongs to the ethnic Manchu group. He has had an interest in music since his childhood and was majorly affected by his family as well. Silence began learning classical music in junior high school. He released his first album, titled ‘First’, on May 14, 2010. His first personal EP..Slowly Understand’, was published on November 19, 2010, in collaboration with the Shenyang Conservatory of Music.


10. Sa Dingding

Sa Dingding is a multi-lingual singer whose music aims and blends well with many different cultures. Her music has also been a mode through which the rest of the world has also become acquainted with these little-known Far East cultures. She was known as ‘China’s Best Dance Music Singer’, after her first release ‘Dong Ba La’. In 2006, Sa Dingding sang her first OST ‘Holy Incense’ for the film ‘Prince Of The Himalayas’.