Article: 10 Chinese Songs That Might Break Your Heart

Here is a list of 10 Chinese songs that may leave your heart aching and your tears flowing.

1. “Say Goodbye” By Jay Chou

Jay Chou is a singer-songwriter, actor, and director. He is also a multi-instrumentalist. Jay released his first album in 2000 under Alfa Music. He was titled the ‘New King of Asian Pop’, after Time Magazine (Asia) had acknowledged his influence. Jay Chou also has his own entertainment agency, JVR Music.‘The Era’ was the 10th studio album released by Jay Chou on 18 May 2010, with “Say Goodbye” as the second track. Tracks such as ‘Superman Can’t Fly’, ‘The Era’, and ‘Rain Falls All Night’ were listed within the top 50 on the 2010 Hits FM Top 100 Singles.


2. “Let You Hear My Heart Beating” By Samuel Tai

As a child, Samuel Tai admired Bruce Lee and practised Taekwondo. Due to an injury that happened once, Samuel was told to stay at home and rest. It was at this time that his father got him a guitar and unknowingly kick-started Samuel's musical journey. Samuel went on to obtain a medical technician license but never stopped loving music. Finally, in 1988, he took part in a pop contest and won the 5th prize, resulting in a contract with UFO Records. Let You Hear My Heart Beating”, was once of Samuel Tai’s most famous and, just as equally heartbreaking songs.


3. “Ten Years” By Eason Chan

Eason Chan is a singer and actor heavily praised by Time Magazine as the ‘Front Runner of Cantopop’. After Samuel Hui and Jacky Cheung, Eason Chan was the third Hong Kong singer to be titled ‘The God Of Songs’. Eason Chan’s “Ten Years” was a major fan favourite when it had initially released, and even today, it is still a major love for many people. In 2010, it was found through a radio station survey, that “Ten Years”, was chosen to be the most loved song of the 21 century.


4. “White Moonlight” By Jeff Chang

Jeff Chang is a celebrity singer who is very widely known for his sentimental Mandarin ballads. He began singing professionally in 1989 after he won a college singing competition.Released in 2004 “White Moonlight” is the first track on Jeff Chang’s album titled ‘The Next Eternity’.


5. “Seek For” By Yu Yisa

Yu Yisa, also known as Yu Kewei and Yu Yingxia (birth name), is a singer who started off her musical journey singing in bars and several singing competitions. Yu Yisa’s career hit a milestone in 2009, when she took part in Hunan TV’s ‘Super Girl’, and placed fourth in the finals. “seek For” By Yu Yisa is one of her most popular songs with a large fan-based.


6. “Ni Hao Bu Hao” By Eric Chou

Dubbed by the Taiwanese media as the ‘King Of The Lovelorn People’ due to his distinctive ballads, Eric Chou is a Taiwanese singer. Some of his most songs include, ‘How Have You Been’ and ‘Let’s Not Be Friends In The Future’. Jay was scouted while performing live for his uncle’s wedding. He released his first album ‘My Way To Love’, in December 2014. “Ni Hao Bu Hao” is one of the ten songs on Jay Chou’s studio album titled ‘What Love Has Taught Us’.


7. “Loneliness” By G.e.m.

Gloria Tang, or G.E.M., is a singer-songwriter. She Made her debut in 2008 with the release of a self-titled EP. G.E.M. first gained attention after her appearance on the show ‘I Am A Singer’, in the year 2014.“loneliness” By G.e.m. is a song that she wrote based on her own struggles and how she found her own inner peace. The song was released in 2020.


8. “Farewell Song” By Shin

Shin is a five-member Mandopop band that debuted in 2002. The group’s name ‘Shin’ comes from the group's former lead vocalist, and it also serves as the name of the band's debut album. Lead vocalist Shin had departed from the group in 2007 to work on his solo career. Shin’s song titled “Farewell Song” was released on April 11, 2007.


9.  “A Lifetime Love” By Lowell Lo

Lowell Lo is a singer-songwriter, actor, and award-winning film composer. Lowell’s career had peaked majorly in the late 80s all the way to the early 90s. During this period, he was nominated for several awards and even won the ‘Best Original Film Song’ award in 1987 and 1990. Lowell Lo now works as an environmental activist. “A Lifetime Love” was released on 23 June 2015, as part of the album titled ‘Beyond Imagination’.


10. “I Miss You So” By Sodagreen

Soadgreen is a six-member band signed under Will Lin Music. The group comprises Wu Tsingfong as the vocalist, Liou Jiakai as the electric guitarist, Gong Yuchi as the keyboardist and the viola player, Shie Shinyi as the bassist, Hon Jingyang as the acoustic guitarist, and Shih Jyunwei as the drummer.Sodagreen released “I Miss You So” as the fifth track on their album titled ‘Autumn: Stories Songs’. The album was released on 18 September 2013.