Article: 10 Chinese Actors Who Have Leaked Their Beauty Secrets

Have you ever wondered what skincare regimens well-known Chinese actresses like Zhou Xun and Tang Wei follow every night to maintain their flawless skin? You're in for a nice surprise if you're anticipating pricey lotions and potions that we can't afford to maintain. It turns out that some of their routines are straightforward and that, with discipline, we can also follow them. Continue reading for skin care advice from your favorite Chinese celebrities.

1. Skincare Routine And Advice From Zhou Xun

We've been seriously envious of the actress from Ru Yi's Royal Love in the Palace (also known as Ru Yi Zhuan) because of her flawless skin. She acknowledged in an interview that yoga and careful attention to her eye area is responsible for her flawless skin. She adds that she avoids using the air conditioning for extended periods because it can severely dry out the skin, leaving it flaky and dehydrated. Use a humidifier (SGD34.90) to make up for the lack of moisture in the air while you sleep, or keep a bottle of hydrating mist in your desk drawer for times when your skin needs moisture, such as this one from Pixi that contains hyaluronic acid (SGD24).

2. Advice On Skincare From Vicki Zhao

What is the key to the actress's youthful skin at 44 years old? A nutritious diet that detoxifies her body and skin. If you don't like eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, start by adding a few fresh lemon slices to your first glass of water in the morning. You can then raise your consumption from there. She also enjoys having a jar of Vaseline gel with her to hydrate her skin even more during the day and keep it glowing. Vaseline's thick viscosity is beloved by many people with dry skin, although some might prefer something thinner. For more comfortable wear, choose Vaseline's new light, gel-like compositions, which moisturize and brighten skin without leaving a trace.

3. Guidelines For Skincare From Yang Mi

The actress revealed an unusual beauty tip: switch up your skincare regimen every six months. She asserts that the advantages are diminished when the skin becomes accustomed to the products. Although some skincare professionals don't agree with this idea, you can try it out to see if it helps you. We understand that it can be challenging to part with your go-to skincare, but every so often, it can be exciting to shake things up and explore new products.

4. Guidelines For Skincare From Liu Yi Fei

Mulan's lead actress uses sun protection religiously to maintain her perfect and light complexion. If you want clear, even skin like the actress has, sun exposure can lead to dark patches and faster skin aging. She is also well known for frequently submerging her face in cold water, which reduces redness and helps pores to close. Make sure the water isn't too chilly as that could work against you.

5. Skincare Routine And Advice From Tang

WeiMake careful to give your skin off-days, according to the SK-II ambassador. Go makeup-free occasionally and concentrate on eating right and using correct skincare to achieve amazing skin. Never leave home without makeup? Consider going lighter on the foundation or even forgoing it altogether in favor of spot concealing with a high-coverage, matte concealer like this one from NARS (SGD46), which is a fan favorite. This way, you won't even need to set it. Your skin (and sleep pattern) will appreciate it!

6. Skincare Routine And Suggestions From Fan Bing Bing

The 36-year-old, another star in the Chinese entertainment sector, employs face massages to maintain taut skin and a youthful complexion. Check out her method above, where she applies a face oil to her face before gently massaging upwards (this is vital to ensure you don't tug on your skin, which can cause wrinkles). Face rubs can even help you get a smaller, more slender face over time!

7. Tips And Routine For Skincare From Victoria Song

Former leader of the Korean girl group f(x), who is now a Chinese actress and singer, is well renowned for her singing and acting abilities, but she also exudes a youthful and feminine glow due to her perpetually glowing skin. Put away your phone before bed for a more restful sleep because she attributes it to getting eight hours of sleep every day or as much as she can.

8. Recommendations For Skincare From Zhang Xin Yi

In a post on one of her social media profiles, the actress detailed how she cares for both her inner and exterior beauty to get a beautiful complexion. She uses a mask to hydrate her skin for a few minutes before applying base makeup to keep it moisturized at all times. This delays the appearance of wrinkles and prolongs the wear of cosmetics. Thankfully, there are mask options for daily usage that are easily packaged, less expensive, and available on the market. Consider the 60-second Saborino masks (SGD21.90 for 32 pieces; several selections are available), which won't break the bank like more expensive, separately packaged alternatives.

9. Suggestions For Skincare From Sun Fei Fei

To get the most out of her skincare products, the Estee Lauder brand spokesperson utilizes a facial massager with a vibrating function. She also uses eye patches, which are a convenient method to wake up in the mornings without committing to a full-face mask. You may do eye makeup while the eye mask works its magic. Here are a few of the top eye masks available right now to get you started.

10. Tips For Skincare From Zhang Zi Yi

The actress, who is yet another shining star in China's film industry, gained applause for simply embracing her faults and advanced age by sharing unspoiled images on social media. She still utilizes skincare, though, as the Cle de Peau Beaute ambassador still uses anti-aging treatments to delay the aging process of her skin.