Article: Top 10 Thai Dramas On Families

Dramas based on families are always a wholesome watch. They generally tend to leave a nostalgic, comic, or dramatic note on the audience. Thai dramas are popular for their dramatic families, contract marriage, and interesting love stories, which have gained the attention of audiences worldwide. So let’s look at some of the Top 10 Tha Dramas on Families:

1. In Family We Trust

This popular family drama followed the story of the wealthy Jiraanans, a jolly and cheerful Thai-Chinese family that owned some of the biggest hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya. Although their family seemed to have a strong and healthy bond amongst its members, they also bore a deep secret, unveiled after the eldest son and heir to the family business was shot dead. Later, his oldest son and nephew, together try and investigate this murder. This drama unveiled different layers of twists and thrills which kept the audience engaged till the end.

2. Ban Sai Thong Pojaman Sawangwong

This 2000s family drama revolved around the journey of Pojamon, who was compelled to live with her aunt Phanrai’s house,’ Golden Sandhouse’, after her father’s death. However, she was constantly mistreated by her aunt and her cousin, Ying Lek. One day, after she read her father’s journal, she realized that the rightful owner of this house was her. Later, came into the picture the eldest son of the family, Chai Klang, who offered to help her in the journey of regaining her ownership of the house. Amidst this family drama, they found love and built a beautiful relationship that faced multiple obstacles in life.

3. My Husband In Law

This contract marriage drama was released in 2020 and revolved around a young girl, Muey, who was attracted to her childhood friend, Tian, for almost 7 years. Later, to save Tian’s life, they entered into a contract marriage. Initially, he had no interest in Muey, but gradually developed feelings towards her. Apart from being a great rom-com, this drama also portrayed a healthy relationship between Muey and her in-laws, which was a highlight of this show.

4. Hoh Family

This viu original revolved around two brothers and their sister, Truffle who lived in the same house. Truffle and Ji Sun returned to Thailand and discovered a newfound sister, Lin Zhi, in their lives. This drama was a hilarious journey of these 4 siblings and depicted a beautiful relationship of a family.

5. Massaya

This drama followed the story of a young girl, Massaya, whose parents were kicked out from the wealthy Rattanamahasarn family, and eventually grew up with her maternal grandfather, after their death. Years later, she returned to the mansion, after her grandmother, the adoptive parent of her father, sent Lak, her grandson. However, things seeped way downhill, due to the drama and etiquette that the family cast upon her. The drama followed her journey of, regaining her place in this high-society family and developing a beautiful relationship with Lak.

6. Love Destiny

This drama revolved around Kadesurang, an archaeologist, who suffered a car accident and was suddenly tapped in the body of Karaket, the daughter of a ruler from 300 years ago. In the newly found life, she had a fiance, named Date who was already in love with someone else but was compelled into the marriage due to the friendship between their families. Her modern and cheerful personality, which was different from Karaket, shocked everyone, but eventually, found her place amongst her new friends and family. This rom-com was a delight to watch, due to its amazing cast and the beautiful relationship that was depicted in the families.

7. When A Man Loves A Woman

This drama revolved around a doctor named Sattawat, whose mother was addicted to gambling and owed a lot of money to a girl named Anusaniya’s family. Later, both their mothers agreed to marry off their children, in exchange for waiving the debts. However, Sattawat was already in a relationship with someone else and Anusaniya was creepily being pursued by her half-uncle. The drama revealed a unique and humorous bond between the two families, which made this drama a great weekend watch!

8. Revenge

This revenge drama revolved around a vengeful mother who went out to seek justice for a traumatic incident in her as well as her daughter’s life. The story began with them being raped by a group of seven members, which left a traumatic mark on her child’s mind. Eventually, the daughter faced mental breakdowns and attacks which spite her to take revenge for her daughter. This drama is a unique add-on to this list, as the family portrayed was solely between the single mother and her daughter. However, their relationship and the revenge that she sought, were worth watching!

9. Krong Karm

Set in 1967, this drama followed the story of Yoi, a  mother of 4 sons of a Thai-Chinese family. One day, her eldest son, Achai brought home his newly married wife, Renyu, a prostitute which led to an utter shock and hatred for his mother. Later, to shield her family from embarrassment, she married her second son off to someone else, despite him being in love with a worker. Eventually, the story revealed different tactics of interference in her children’s lives and portrayed a gradual development and understanding between the family. This drama was a realistic touch to the depiction of families of those times, with a beautiful touch of forward-thinking amongst the characters.

10. Korn Aroon Ja Roong

This drama revolved around Aroonchai, a young girl, who was raped by her father, which led to a traumatic mark on her as well as the relationships that she bore in life. This incident led her to not believe in anyone and the drama portrayed the gradual steps that her mother took, to remove her from this dark and depressive world. This drama depicted the realistic consequences of rape victims and the struggle that they go through while moving on from this trauma. They also highlighted the importance of patience and understanding from their families, which this drama beautifully depicted.