Article: Top 10 Wooga Squad Moments

The Wooga squad appears no less than a family to the audience. The word Wooga itself is from Woori ga Gajok inga. Which means Are we a family? And fans think it is true because the members of the Wooga squad appear no less than a family. The squad includes actor Park Seo- Joon, Choi Woo- Shik, Park Hyung- Sik, rapper/ producer Peak Boy and V of BTS. It is all thanks to Park Seo- Joon that these individuals from different parts of the industry came together. Here are the top 10 moments of the Wooga squad that left us in awe.

1. Hwarang: The Start Of It All

The drama Hwarang, which aired in the year 2016, brought Park Seo- Joon, Park Hyung- Sik and V of BTS together as they shared the screen. Park Seo- Joon and Peakboy go way back. Park Seo- Joon and Choi Woo- Shik shared a screen in Shut Up Family, 2012. It was Park Seo- Joon who took the initiative to get the boys together, and since then, they have been inseparable. All five members grew close and formed the Wooga Squad.

2. Park Hyung Sik Being Photoshopped

Park Seo- Joon, Choi Woo- Shik, Peakboy, and V went on a holiday together, and Park Hyung- Sik missed it as he was fulfilling his mandatory military service. The four friends included Hyung- sik by photoshopping him in their vacation pictures. The picture went viral, and the audience was all hearts seeing their friendship.

3. Spending Christmas Together

The five friends became family in no time, and the biggest of it was spending Christmas together. Christmas is a family holiday where you are together with your family, and the Wooga Squad has done the same. Except for Hyung- sik who was completing his mandatory military service, the rest four spent their Christmas together.

4. The Guest Appearance In Peak Boys MV

Rapper, producer, and songwriter Peak Boy has mentioned the Wooga squad came to encourage him during his recordings. In the music video Gyopo Hairstyle of Peak Boys, we can see the Wooga squad making appearances. Even though they did not appear together, they did have their role in the MV. The entertainment industry united to support this cute moment of the Wooga Squad.

5. Wooga Squad, V, And Awards

It is an ongoing saga where the members of the Wooga squad are often seen mentioning V in their speeches as an MC or presenting awards to him. It is endearing and heartfelt to see his brothers being proud and having the opportunity to present the awards to the youngest on stage. V is also seen happy and enthusiastic while receiving awards from his brothers.

6. Their Vacation Time

The Wooga squad is always seen taking some time off together amidst their busy schedules. They are often seen going to concerts, supporting each other at work, or just taking a breather. They often seem to be sharing ideas or even guiding each other regarding work or personal life.

7. V And The Coffee Truck From His Squad

When V was busy with his schedule, his brothers of Wooga Squad sent him a coffee truck to show their support. V was seen clicking an adorable picture in front of the truck, and a message from his brothers on the truck was ‘from your brother,’ which was an endearing act to witness.

8. Choi Woo- Shik And Fan Meeting

The five friends are always seen supporting each other in their projects and their milestones. One was Choi Woo- shik’s fan meeting, which took place in 2021. All the four stars were busy with their schedules and made time to attend the meeting. Choi Woo- Shik also revealed that Park Seo- joon drove him around. It shows how much they care about each other.

9. Jinnys Kitchen

Recently, the show Jinny’s Kitchen aired with well-known faces, including three Wooga squad members, Park Seo- Joon, Choi Woo- Shik and Kim Tae- hyung aka V were also part of it. The three of them had a fun time opening a restaurant and cooking together. During their time in Bacalar, Mexico. The trio went on drives, swimming, and many other things. Their bond during the entire show is a treat to watch.

10. In The Soop

The Soop: Friendcation featuring Park Seo- Joon, Peakboy, Park Hyung- Sik, Choi Woo- Sik, and Kim Tae- Hyung. The Soop follows the five taking a short vacation and having a fun time. Not only that, but the five also geared up to sing their theme song. They were supporting each other, advising, sharing their concerns, playing, and having a gala time.