Article: Top 10 K-Dramas Of All Time

Dramas take the audience to a world, where there is drama, action, romance, and a lot of entertainment. The Korean dramas are ruling over the heart' of peoples, with their amazing and unique plots.  I have listed such amazing K-dramas for you.

10. I'm Not A Robot

I'm Not A Robot is a 2017 K-drama. This story tells us how a betrayal causes a physiological shadow over a person for a lifetime. And trust and love are the only remedy.

9. Healer

Healer is a 2014 K-drama. The story is about friendship, trust, and betrayal. What happens when a friend, for his greed and jealousy, betrays and sells his friends to the enemy? The drama starts with Seo Jung Hoo, who can do everything except murder; for anyone who pays him the right amount. His life changes when he is given a task related to a second-rate tabloid writer, Chae Young Shin. He discovers about their intertwined past, and together, they solve the mystery behind the death of their respective parent.

8. Flower Of Evil

Flower Of Evil is a 2020 K-drama. The story is about a man with a mysterious and painful past Baek Hee Sung. To keep his past hidden, he marries a homicide detective, Cha Ji Won. But, his perfect world starts to crumble; when a person from his past, comes knocking at his door.

7. Descendants Of The Sun

Descendants of the Sun is a 2016 K-drama. It is a love story of a surgeon and a Special Forces officer. The story starts with a question, can love bloom between two people who have contrasting professions, one saves, and the other kills for the country? But, as the story goes on, it becomes clear that love has no boundary, and each profession has its importance.

6. It's Okay to Not Be Okay

It's Okay to Not Be Okay is a 2020 K-drama. The story is about a community health worker at a psychiatric ward, Moon Gang-tae who takes care of his autistic brother, Moon Sang-tae. The series starts with the encounter between, Gang-tae and Ko Moon-young. Moon-young is a famous writer of children’s literature who has an antisocial personality disorder. The drama shows all the complex human emotions "beautifully".

5. While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping is a 2017 K-drama. The story is about a young woman, Nam Hong Joo, who can see the future through her dreams.  Later she meets a rookie prosecutor, Jung Jae Chan, and a young police officer, Han Woo Tak. And their lives become intertwined as they both also start to have dreams that come true. They together solve the mystery of the past and fight for their happiness.

4. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo is a 2016 K-drama. The drama is inspired by the life of the South Korean Olympic weightlifter gold-medalist, Jang Mi Ran. The story focuses on the lives of athletes during their teens. How they work hard to achieve their dreams while dealing with a new budding emotion called, "love".

3. Fight For My Way

Fight For My Way is a 2017 K-drama. The story is about thriving in all situations, and achieving one's dream. But, achieving that dream is not so simple when you have no background. The drama is about four friends, who have different goals and priorities, but they all fight for their dreams, while dealing with their problems.

2. Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You is a 2019 K-drama. The story is about a South Korean heiress, Yoon Se Ri, who because of a paragliding accident, crash-lands in North Korea.  There, she meets a North Korean army officer, Ri Jung Hyuk, who agrees to help her return to her country. But, over time, they start to fall in love, despite the tension between their countries.

1. Goblin

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, is a 2016 K-drama. The drama is about a decorated military general from the Goryeo Dynasty, Kim Shin, who was framed as traitor, and killed by the king. As, Kim Shin killed many people, during the war, he was cursed with immortality, by the almighty. The only way to put an end to his immortality is the Goblin's bride, who can end his painful immortality by pulling out the sword from his body. From here, begins the story of the lonely god and his bride, Ji Eun-tak. But, the so-called simple task becomes difficult  when the two fall in love.